Census FAQ

Who gets counted?

Everyone gets counted. Mandated by the U.S. Constitution, the Census counts all people who reside in the United States, regardless of citizenship or immigration status.

Where can I be counted?

Online, by telephone, or via mail. This is the first Census to go digital, so you can fill out your household survey on your home computer or at any of the internet enabled Questionnaire Assistance Kiosks, which will be available at convenient locations across Fresno County.

When will the Census count begin and conclude?

The Census count will begin March 12, 2019 with a mailed invitation and instruction to participate. From May – July 2020, Census employees will visit addresses that did not complete a Census survey and collect information at the door.

Is Census data confidential?

Yes, Census responses are confidential and protected under Title 13 of the U.S. Code. The Census Bureau will never share personal information with immigration or law enforcement agencies. Employees of the Census Bureau also swear a lifetime oath to protect respondent data.

What are ways to get involved in the effort?

There are job and volunteer opportunities to ensure a successful Census count. Students seeking to complete community service hours are also encouraged to join the complete count effort. You may also get involved by encouraging friends and family to complete the Census survey in April 2020.

What questions will the Census survey ask?

The Census Bureau gathers certain information of all residents, such as their address, age, race, ethnicity, home ownership, and household members.

I travel seasonally between two residences. Should I complete the survey in Fresno County or the other residence?

People who live in two or more residences during the year should complete the questionnaire from where they will be living on April 1, 2020.

What is a Complete Count Committee?

A Complete Count Committee (CCC) is comprised of a broad spectrum of government and community leaders from education, business, healthcare, and other community organizations. These trusted voice develop and implement a 2020 Census awareness campaign based upon their knowledge of the local community to encourage a response.

I received a call from the U.S. Census Bureau, and I’m worried its fraudulent. Who could I call about this?

Please contact the U.S. Census Bureau- Los Angeles Regional Office at 1-800-992-3530 for verification and further instructions. The Census Bureau will never ask for your full Social Security number, money, anything on behalf of a political party, your bank or credit card account numbers, or your mother’s maiden name.

What happens if I don’t respond to the Census at all?

If your household does not respond to the Census online, by phone, or via mail, the U.S. Census Bureau will send a Census worker, known as an enumerator, to your address to collect the information in person.

What if I have not received any mail from the US Census Bureau? 

You may have a P O Box or the US Census Bureau did not mail you a questionnaire to your home and may come to your home after the shelter in place orders have been lifted.  Census workers drop off census materials to some communities that don’t generally receive mail at their home using a city-style address like “101 Main Street.” COVID-19 delayed delivery to some communities.  For additional information click here