Fair Hearings

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How to File for a Fair Hearing

If you have applied for, have received, or are currently receiving benefits/services from a Fresno County administered assistance program AND you disagree with a County action or inaction, you have the right to file for a Fair Hearing. You may file for a fair hearing by:

  • Online by going to https://acms.dss.ca.gov

  • Online by going to mybenefitscalwin.org

  • Call the State Hearing Division office at 1-800-952-5253.

  • Complete the back of your notice of action (NA BACK 9) and submit it to Fresno County Department of Social Service by mail or in person: 4499 E. Kings Canyon Rd, Fresno, Ca, 93702, Stop #53A


How to File a Complaint on Customer Service


If you are dissatisfied with Customer Service from a Fresno County Department of Social Services employee, you may file a complaint in the following ways:

  • Contact the immediate Social Services Supervisor of the County employee with whom you are dissatisfied with to resolve the complaint

  • Contact a representative of the Department of Social Services at (559) 600-6212 to file a compliant

  • Mail your written complaint to the Department of Social Services Appeals Unit

    4499 E. Kings Rd, Fresno, Ca, 93702 Stop #53A