Employment Services

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Our Location: Employment Resource Center -
4452 East Kings Canyon Road, Fresno, CA 93702

The Welfare To Work program provides employment-related services to CalWORKs clients to assist them in finding and retaining employment, obtaining training when necessary, and in upgrading to higher paying jobs that will lead to financial self-reliance. Supportive services are provided to assist with the costs of childcare, transportation, work clothing, and other items needed for employment. Referral services are also available to address barriers that can prevent successful employment such as substance abuse, domestic violence, or legal and mental health issues.

•Participation in Welfare-To-Work is mandatory for all CalWORKs recipients unless exempt.
•Exempt participants may volunteer to participate in Welfare-To-Work. Once a volunteer enters the program she/he must adhere to the rules and regulations of the program the same as mandatory participants.

Child Care Services

 For more information on child care, please call (559) 600-3713
group of children

We understand that participants may need more than just training and job counseling to successfully participate in Welfare-to-Work. We can help arrange and pay for childcare.

The CalWORKs Child Care program has three stages:

Stage One

This stage provides child care for families receiving cash aid, and who need child care to participate in a Welfare-To-Work activity (which includes employment).

Stage Two

This stage will begin once a job has stabilized, or when the case is being discontinued from cash assistance, and the family still has a need for child care assistance in order to be self-reliant. The family can remain in Stage Two for up to two years after cash aid ends. Stage Two childcare requires a referral to a local Alternative Payment Provider (APP).

Stage Three

This stage will be administered by other subsidized child care programs, including APP's, state preschool programs, childcare centers funded by the State, etc. Placement will depend on availability of funding. Once placed in a Stage Three child care slot, the family may continue receiving benefits until they are no longer eligible for subsidized child care (when the family's income is greater than the 70% of the State median income or the children are over age 12).