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Electronic, Telephonic and Paper Timesheets

**No More Paper Timesheets after March 31, 2020**

Are you ready?  Have you enrolled on the Electronic Services Portal (ESP)? 

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) will be going live in March and paper timesheets will not be available starting April 1, 2020.  Providers must fill out and submit their timesheets on the ESP or Telephonic Timesheet System (TTS) for recipient approval.  Recipients will review and approve timesheets through the ESP or by TTS!  Read more about EVV and other news.

Submit and Approve Timesheets Online or By Telephone!

Using the Electronic Services Portal (ESP) to fill out and approve timesheets reduces the wait time between mailing a timesheet at the end of a pay period and when the check is delivered.  The Telephonic Timesheet System (TTS) allows blind and visually impaired persons, or persons with no internet access the ability to approve timesheets over the phone.  Use of the ESP or TTS to submit and approve timesheets will be mandatory starting April 1, 2020.  

Electronic Services Portal (ESP)

Filling out and approving timesheets on the ESP reduces some of the most common errors that stop a timesheet from being paid:

  • Missing recipient or provider signatures
  • Unreadable or scribbled writing
  • Postal service problems (destroyed or lost mail, or delays in delivery)

Violation Prevention - using the ESP alerts the provider that the hours claimed will cause a violation, which allows them to correct the issue or discuss with county staff prior to the timesheet being approved by the recipient.

Register Today!

Go the ESP website to set up an account by selecting the “New User Registration” link, and follow the online prompts.  Want to know more?  Visit the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) website to watch videos about the ETS before you decide or review the documents below:

Free Online ESP Training! 

Visit the CDSS website and enroll in a class today!  Classes are offered in English and Spanish. 

Getting Started on the ESP

To get started using the ESP, both the IHSS recipient and provider need to have the following:

  • A valid email address
  • Access to WiFi
  • A smart phone, tablet, lap top or computer

Recipients will be notified by email when their providers wish to enroll the ESP, if the recipient is already registered for the ESP or the provider enters the recipient's email address when prompted to send an email request.  Recipients and providers can choose to opt out of using the ESP at any time to return to using paper timesheets.  

How Do I Get an Email Account?

Some cable and cell service carriers may also have email services, but if you change carriers,  that email account may no longer be accessible after you leave that service plan and you could miss out on notifications from the ESP.  There are several entities that offer free email services, such as Google, and would not be impacted if you change service carriers for cable, phone or internet.

Benefit of Registering on the ESP for Providers

By registering on the ESP, the provider will be able to see the most current information 24/7 (even if the recipient and provider decide not to use the ESP for timesheets):

  • Timesheet Status
  • Payment Status
  • Payment History (last 3 months)
  • Submit Sick Leave Claims

Having Problems Using the ESP?

Contact the ESP Help Desk at 1-866-376-7066 (Option 4) when recipients or providers experience problems with the ETS, such as:

  • Connectivity, Navigation and System Performance
  • Password Resets
  • Registration and Enrolling for timesheets
  • Filling out or approving timesheets
  • General Questions about the ETS

Contact Provider and Recipient Call Center (PARCC) at (559) 600-6666 when recipients and providers have questions about

  • Authorized hours
  • No available hours to pay
  • Rejected timesheets due to errors (claiming over 70%)
  • Ineligibility issues

Telephonic Timesheet System

The Telephonic Timesheet System (TTS) is another option available to recipients that may not have internet access, or are blind or have visual impairments that make reviewing and signing a timesheet difficult.  When a recipient signs up for the TTS, their provider(s) can opt send in a paper timesheet or use the ESP.

Please read the TTS for ETS Overview handout before signing up. 

Recipients will have to notify the Fresno IHSS program that they want to use the TTS, by calling PARCC 1-559-600-6666.  When talking with a PARCC representative, the recipient will also have to provide their IHSS Case Number and choose a Recipient Authentication Number  (RAN) which is similar to a PIN in order to sign up for the TTS.

When the provider submits their timesheet on the ESP or by mail to the Timesheet Processing Facility (TPF), the recipient will be called by the TTS to verify the hours claimed on the timesheet and approve payment. 

Important Facts to Know About the TTS:

  • The TTS will attempt to call the recipient three times.
  • If the recipient's phone number is disconnected or the recipient has not answered or called in on their own, the Fresno IHSS office will be notified.
  • If the recipient forgets their RAN or makes three attempts to enter an incorrect RAN, the TTS will lock the recipient out and they will need to call PARCC to change the RAN.
  • If the recipient signs the provider's paper timesheet, the TTS will not call them.
  • If the recipient does not approve the timesheet, it will still be paid.

TTS Assistance Line Support

The TTS makes automated calls to recipients for timesheet approvals from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (PST), Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Recipients can call on their own to approve any submitted timesheets from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (PST), Monday through Friday.  Calls made to the TTS outside of the hours listed will not be processed by the system or by an Assistance Line representative and recipients will have to call back during hours of operation.

Live representatives are available from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (PST), Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

The Assistance Line phone number is 1-844-576-5445.

Paper Timesheets

** Paper timesheets will no longer be available after March 30, 2020.**

Paper timesheets are still available for recipients and providers that do not wish to use the electronic or telephonic system.  Paper timesheets are generated and mailed after the payment of the prior pay period, except when a new provider is issued timesheets, sometimes in a batch, to catch them up to the current pay period. 

When the paper timesheet is completed and signed by the provider and reviewed and signed by the recipient, it is mailed to the Timesheet Processing Facility (TPF) located in Chico, CA.  Processing the timesheet and issuing a check can take 7 to 10 days.

Payment Options

Payments are sent out by the State Comptroller's Office after a timesheet has been processed by the TPF and are sent by mail.  Providers that meet the qualifications for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), or better known as Direct Deposit, can cut out extra waiting time.