Responsibilities as an Employer

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Wages, Overtime, & Travel

Supervising Providers

 The IHSS program requires the recipient to supervise their providers, which includes:

  • Making sure that the provider knows what services you are authorized to receive from IHSS.
  • Making sure that the provider knows the maximum weekly number of hours you want them to work for you.  If you have two or more providers, each provider must know how many hours you want them to work.
  • Scheduling your provider(s) based on the hours you are authorized to cover the entire month.  Some months have more days which will impact the number of hours your provider(s) can work per day.
  • Keep a monthly calendar of the days and times that your provider(s) work to assist with review and approval of timesheets.
  • Help your provider(s) understand overtime and violations rules to ensure that they can continue to work for you.

Wages, Overtime and Travel

  • The hourly rate for providers is determined through negotiations between Fresno County IHSS Public Authority and SEIU 2015.  Contact the Provider and Recipient Call Center at (559) 600-6666 (Option 4), if you want to know what the current rate of pay is in Fresno.
  • Overtime is paid to providers when they have worked more than 40 hours in a work week.
  • A work week is Sunday (12:00 a.m.) to Saturday (11:59 p.m.).
  • If you receive less than 160 hours per month, overtime is not authorized for your case, because your weekly maximum hours are less than 40 hours.
  • If you receive more than 160 hours per month, overtime has been authorized for your case, but should not exceed the maximum number of overtime hours approved.
  • Overtime is paid at time and a half the current wage.  Overtime will not be paid for the work week until all days of that work week have been worked (pay periods generally do not end at the last day of the work week), but will be paid in the next pay period.  
  • Providers, when working for more than one recipient, can be paid for travel between recipients when they work for the recipients on the same day, one after the other.  The time that the provider spends traveling to get to the first recipient's home or back home from the last recipient is not payable.  The maximum number of hours that can be paid for travel is 7 hours per work week.
  • At times, it may be necessary to request a Flexible Hours approval for your case, because your providers work more overtime hours than authorized because you had an emergency.  IHSS uses specific rules to approve Flexible Hours.
  • IHSS will issue violations to providers when their timesheets do not conform to overtime rules.

Overtime Rules

The IHSS program has specific rules about the payment of overtime and will issue a violation to providers when:

  • The provider claims overtime that is not authorized for their recipient. 
  • The provider claims more overtime than authorized for their recipient.
  • The provider, when working for two or more recipients, claims more than 66 hours per work week.  Only providers that have been approved for an Exemption can work up to 90 hours per work week.
  • The provider submits a travel claim for more than 7 hours per work week.

Each timesheet submitted for payment is evaluated for possible violations.