Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

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What is Electronic Visit Verification:

EVV is a federal law that requires CDSS to electronically collect information about when and where IHSS and/or WPCS services are performed for you. Once EVV is implemented, your provider will be required to include the following new information, in addition to the hours they worked, when they submit their timesheets:

  • Start Time - The time your provider did the first IHSS/WPCS service for you that day,
  • End Time - The time your provider did the last IHSS/WPCS service for you that day, and,
  • Location - Where the services were performed that day, in your home, in the community (anywhere other than your home), or both.

CDSS continues to provide more information regarding EVV through mailers and is now hosting webinars for recipients and providers!

EVV Webcasts 

EVV Training and Webinars

What this means to you as a recipient:

EVV will not change the amount of service hours you receive, or how those services are performed.

EVV will replace the current paper timesheet process in your county and you will be required to approve your provider’s timesheet in a different way. You will have two options to approve timesheets

  • You can use the existing Electronic Services Portal (ESP) at www.etimesheets.ihss.ca.gov. The ESP is an online website you can use with any device that accesses the internet, including smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers. On the ESP website you can approve IHSS/WPCS timesheets electronically, fast and easy. 
  • If you do not have access to the internet you can approve timesheets using the Telephone Timesheet System (TTS).  TTS is an automated telephone system that allows you to approve your provider’s IHSS/WPCS timesheets using a land-line or mobile telephone.


If you already use the ESP or TTS to approve your provider’s timesheets nothing will change for you.

You will continue to do so with one small change, you will now be able to view or listen to the new EVV information (Service Start time, End time and Location) along with the information you are already approving. There is no new enrollment required! 


More information will be added as it is released by CDSS.

Learn more about the ESP on the Timesheet Options page