Marriage Certificates

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Requests for Recorded Documents can be made in person, by mailing a completed application for a certified copy of a vital record, or our self service page. We do not accept requests for copies by phone, fax, or email. Copies can be ordered online through an independent partner company that will mail the documents to you. Details are on the Ordering Records Online page..


Be sure the information you supply is complete and accurate. If you request a copy of an official record and we cannot find it, we are not able to refund the fee. The California Statutes require us to retain it as a search fee. See our fee schedule.

Our location, hours, and mailing address can be found on our Contact Information page. Check our calendar for dates closed if you will be requesting copies in person.

California birth, death, fetal death, still birth, marriage, and divorce records are also maintained by California Department of Public Health Vital Records (CDPH). They have information and forms to correct or amend a record, add or change a parent's name, preparing new certificates for adoptions, and changes in paternity information.

Restricted Copies

Anyone may obtain a restricted certified copy of a marriage record. The record is for informational purposes only and may not be used to establish identity. Restricted copies will have across the face of the document the words:


Unrestricted Copies

If you need a certified copy to obtain a driver's license, passport, or register for insurance coverage you should not use a restricted certified copy. To obtain an unrestricted certified copy of a marriage record you must be one of the following:

  • The registrant(s) or a parent or legal guardian of the registrant(s)
  • A party entitled to receive the record as a result of a court order, or an attorney or a licensed adoption agency seeking the record in order to comply with the requirements of Section 3140 or 7603 of the Family Code
  • A member of a law enforcement agency or a representative of another governmental agency, as provided by law, who is conducting official business
  • A child, grandparent, grandchild, or sibling of the registrant(s)
  • An attorney representing the registrant(s) or the registrant's estate, or any person or agency empowered by statute or appointed by a court to act on behalf of the registrant(s) or the registrant's estate

Divorce Decrees

A divorce decree is a court document issued by a judge which finalizes your divorce. They are not filed with the Recorders office. If your divorce took place within the last five years, you can get copies from the Fresno Superior Court Family Law division. Information on divorces that took place longer than five years ago is available from the Court Archives Facility.

Confidential Marriage Certificates

For those who plan to marry and need to obtain a Marriage License or for copies of Confidential Marriage Certificates, contact the County Clerk.