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Paul Dictos, CPA

Paul Dictos, CPA

JoAnn Ebisuda
Assistant Assessor-Recorder

Gina Luna
Recording Manager

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February 11, 2019 - A message from Fresno County Assessor-Recorder, Paul Dictos

The Fresno County Recorder's Office is responsible for the maintenance and management of all of the County records. In an effort to update many of the outdated systems and technologies presently being employed, the Recorder's Office has been making changes to their systems and services. This includes migrating from the existing system to one that is more usable, scalable, and user-friendly.

Last week there was a disruption in the availability of many of the research tools utilized by the surveying and engineering communities. This was an unexpected result of the data transfer between the old system and the new.

The Recorder's Office and the County Information Technology Department are actively and diligently working with the County Surveyor's Office to provide a long term solution which is easily accessible, timely, and cost effective for all parties involved.

As of today, the old system has been restored to a point of usability for those of you who rely on it. The County will continue to work on a permanent solution.

Should you have any comments or concerns about the current or proposed system, or about the accessibility of the information, please contact the Fresno County Recorder's Office at 559-600-3471.

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