Electronic Bidding

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Bidding Electronically with BidExpress

Electronic Bidding Announcement

In order to make it easier to submit bids while following stay in place/social distancing recommendations under COVID-19, the Fresno County Department of Public Works and Planning is pleased to announce we are adding electronic bidding as a method to submit bids as of all projects bidding on or after April 2020.  Please note, at this time, Digital IDs will not be required in order to submit bids.

Electronic bid submission allows for: 

  • digitally-signed bids
  • eliminates costs for hand and hired delivery of bid packages
  • provides error checking and alerts to omissions prior to submission 
  • easily accommodates last-minute changes and price cuts
  • automates email notifications to alert vendors of solicitation postings and solicitation changes 

Our projects are listed on the Bid Express website. Addendums will be issued for all projects accepting electronic bids. We further anticipate setting up virtual bid openings that will be broadcast via the web. 

How To Bid Electronically

Fresno County Projects at Bid Express

Our projects are listed on the Bid Express website. As a vendor, you must register and review each solicitation you intend to bid electronically on prior to bidding (please see the Bid Express Quick Start Guide).

Note: This service is FREE to submit any bids for Fresno County projects (the County has paid a fee to Bid Express for this service, so no fees should be charged to contractors).

Bid Bonds

If submitting an electronic bid, Bid Bonds will either need to be submitted in advance of the bid opening or submitted electronically.

Bonding Partners

To submit Bid Bonds electronically, please ensure your company and your bonding agent's company register with one of the following Bid Bond agencies affiliated with Bid Express:

Contact information for bid bonding partners:

Surety 2000

Tel: (800) 600-3263


Tel: 800-989-6417

Setting Up a Bid Express Account

Setting up a vendor account with Bid Express is free for bidding on Fresno County projects. To set up bidding for free, go to the Bid Express website and choose "Free Signup" or "Register."

To register with Bid Express:

  1. Create a manager account for your business (others from your business can be added later), including choosing the time zone (Bid Express defaults to Eastern Time and we operate on Pacific Time).
  2. Choose a subscription. To access Fresno County Projects for free, DO NOT use the "Start your subscription" button. Use the "I will pay as I go for now" link:
    Select I will pay as I go for now setting up your Bid Express account subscription
  3. Use the activation link sent to you via email from Bid Express before logging in.

You do not need a Digital ID to electronically sign for bids with Fresno County Public Works and Planning at this time.

Additional Assistance

If you need additional assistance, please call the Bid Express Customer Support Team at 888-352-2439, available Monday - Friday from 7:00am – 8:00pm (EST). You can also email the team at or refer to the Vendor Resource page located here.

Please contact Erin Haagenson directly via email or at 559-600-9908 if you have any questions or concerns about this process or about Fresno County projects currently out for bid or anticipated to be out for bid.