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19-03-C Watts Creek Bridge on Watts Valley Road

Electronic File Request and Waiver

I, an individual, hereby request electronic AutoCAD files associated with the above-named project.  By clicking the link(s) below, this “request and waiver for release of electronic files”, I acknowledge and agree, on my own behalf and the interest of the contractor I represent, that:

  1. Electronic files are furnished solely for the convenience of the Contractor
  2. Electronic files are not considered part of the contract documents
  3. No representation or warranty is or has been made by County or by its agents, officers, employees, or consultants, either express or implied, with regard to the accuracy or suitability of said electronic files for any purpose whatsoever
  4. Any use whatsoever of said electronic files, by the Contractor or by any of its subcontractors or others to whom the Contractor may provide said electronic files, will be at the sole risk of the Contractor.


It is the Prime Contractor’s responsibility to ensure that the individual downloading the subject documents is authorized to incur obligations on behalf of the Prime Contractor.


CAD Files: Watts 19-03-C