Projects Overview

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Helping make healthy choices easy!

Healthy Stores for a Healthy Community 

Improving health through changes in the retail environment

Farm to Table

Increasing the availability of fresh produce in local neighborhoods

Rx for Health

Rx for Health is a former PICH initiative to improve and manage chronic health conditions through the use of a referral system that allowed medical providers the opportunity to refer patients to community-based lifestyle change programs.

Worksite Wellness

The Fresno County Department of Public Health strives to promote wellness at work and has established a Worksite Wellness Committee. This committee is composed of a cross-section of department employees that strive to promote a culture of health and wellness. A main focus of the committee is to update the department's worksite wellness policy and to promote it. The committee also works to increase opportunities for healthy eating and physical activity. Such activities include healthy food contests, lunchtime walks, stretch breaks, and the Take the Stairs challenge. 

Increasing Physical Activity

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