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Location: 1221 Fulton Street, 3rd Floor, Fresno CA 93721

Phone: (559) 600-6449

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm

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Role of the Coalition 

The Coalition is a network of diverse agencies and motivated individuals who assist in the development and implementation of tobacco control interventions.


The Fresno County Tobacco-Free Coalition is dedicated to the reduction of tobacco use, secondhand smoke exposure and tobacco smoke residue exposure (thirdhand smoke) through efforts which include health education, tobacco cessation resources and referral, along with the promotion of smoke-free policies and environmental change.

Coalition Goals 

  • Reduce exposure to secondhand smoke, tobacco smoke residue (thirdhand smoke), and tobacco waste.   
  • Provide tobacco cessation referrals for Fresno County residents.   
  • Increase the number of smoke-free public places, outdoor worksites, colleges, and outdoor events.   
  • Reduce the availability of tobacco products to youth.   
  • Limit tobacco promoting influences in Fresno County.   
  • Develop culturally, linguistically, and ethnically appropriate tobacco education materials.  

2019 Fresno County Tobacco-Free Coalition Meetings

The Fresno County Tobacco-Free Coalition is a workgroup of FCHIP.