Obesity Prevention

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County children and adults are more overweight, suffer from diabetes and heart disease, are less physically active and have less access to healthy food and recreational resources than their statewide counterparts. According to the 2009 California Health Interview Survey, the percentage of overweight and obese adults was 34.4% and 30.2%.compared to 33.6% and 22.7% statewide respectively. (California Health Interview Survey, 2009) 

As government and private agencies work together to address alarming obesity rates for Fresno County, access to healthy foods and physical activity, specifically with low income families, must be understood, confronted and tackled at the environmental and policy levels. It is not only about educating people about “how to eat healthy foods or be physically active” but understanding “what choices do people have to eat or exercise” and how can access to healthy foods and physical activity be increased.

Central California Regional Obesity Prevention Program

Obesity Prevention Plan