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As of January 1, 2019 Fresno County HazMat Program (CUPA) is no longer supporting the local eHazMat portal for Hazardous Materials Business Plan and UST form submittals. All HMBP and UST submittals will be required to be made using the statewide California Electronic Reporting System (CERS) at: https://cers.calepa.ca.gov/

First Step: Check Your Submittal Status in eHazMat Portal

If you have an ACCEPTED 2018 submittal, your facility is in good standing for transmittal to CERS. If it shows any other status other than accepted, please make another submittal by updating the Business Owner Operator dates (beginning, ending and certification) to current 2018 dates and confirm your submission.  Please click on the guide below to check your status in the local portal and make another submittal if necessary.

Checking Your Submittal Status

Next Step: Creating a CERS Account

  1. Go to https://cers.calepa.ca.gov/
  2. Select "Business Portal Sign-in" 
  3. Click on "Create New Account"
  4. Fill out CERS Registration and select "Create My Account"

    a. You should receive an automated email message to activate your account. Make sure to follow the instructions on this email to activate your account. *check spam or junk folder, if you did not receive an email.*

  5. Once your account is created in CERS, do not add a new facility. Please request access to an existing CERS ID. Your CERS ID can be found on your Business Activities form on the eHazMat portal. If you can't find your CERS ID, please contact us before adding a new facility.CERS Exisiting CERS ID

 In early January, you should expect to see your last 2018 portal submittal in CERS.

What needs to be submitted in CERS

Your CERS account will be customize and present you with online forms to fill or tell you which documents to upload based on your business activities and permit requirements. 

CERS Business User Guide

Adding A New User (Business with two or more facilities)

Making A Submittal from a Previous Submittal

Additional help and FAQ documents can be found on the CERS Help Page: https://cersbusiness.calepa.ca.gov/Help

Need Additional Help? Contact our HazMat Compliance Inspectors

We understand this transition may not be easy and we want to help our businesses as much as possible in completing their CERS submittals. Our HazMat Compliance Inspectors are supportive of helping businesses and facilities who have never used CERS and are trying to navigate through it for the first time.

You can call the HazMat Compliance Program (CUPA) at 559-600-3271 and speak to either the CUPA Specialist of the Day or to your assigned inspector.

You may also email us at: HazMatCUPA@fresnocountyca.gov to notify us if you are already submitting HMBPs using CERS and do not want us to transmit anything from the portal on your behalf.