Reporting Diseases

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Disease Reporting Requirements 

Disease reporting is the foundation of public health surveillance. The reporting of specific diseases is critical to public health and required by law. Title 17, California Code of Regulation, Section 2500 (Division 1, Chapter 4, Article 1) requires all heath care providers knowing of or in attendance on a case or suspected case of any of the mandated reportable diseases or conditions to report the case to the local health department where the patient resides. ‘Health care provider’ is defined as a physician, surgeon, veterinarian, podiatrist, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, registered nurse, nurse midwife, school nurse, infection control practitioner, medical examiner, or dentist.

Additionally, Section 2505 requires laboratories to report laboratory-testing results and Section 2508 requires anyone in charge of a public or private school, kindergarten, boarding school, or day nursery to report the presence or suspected presence of any of the reportable diseases to the local health department.

All reports remain confidential.

Lists of Reportable Diseases/Conditions

How to Report

Confidential Morbidity Reporting Forms (CMR’s)

Please select the appropriate form and fax (please do not email) completed forms to the number listed on the form. If you have any questions, please call 559-600-3434.

  • DMV CMR Form (use only to report conditions which may impair a person’s ability to operate a motor vehicle to the Department of Motor Vehicles)
  • Information on TB Reporting


  • Providers are required to report all confirmed and suspected cases of COVID-19 cases to the Local Health Department (per Title 17)
    • Letter to Healthcare Providers Regarding COVID-19 Reporting (PDF) - March 2020
    •  COVID-19 confirmed and suspected cases can be reported within 24 hours:
      •  Electronically
        • Through the CalREDIE Provider Portal or eCR (preferred method)
          • More information about the Provider Portal can be found at CalREDIE webpage. Please fax applications to 559-600-7607 Attn: Koch-Kumar.
        • Using an FCDPH online reporting form, available at
      •  By Faxed CMR:
        • Please use the COVID-19 specific CMR form (confidential fax: 559-600-7607)
        • When reporting, information on patient demographics, signs and symptoms, testing, and exposure risk will be needed
        •  In addition to the above reporting, a same day phone call during business hours (No after-hours calls required, cases outside of 8am-5pm can be reported the following day) to the LHD COVID-19 Provider Line at 559-600-3332 is required for:
          • Patients who live or work in a congregated setting
          • Hospitalized COVID-19 patients
          • Death of a COVID-19 patient
          • Hospitalization and deaths need to be reported regardless of if the patient was previously reported prior to hospitalization or death

CalREDIE Confidental Morbidity Reporting

  • Forms can be electronically reported into the CalREDIE system using the Provider Portal. More information about the Provider Portal can be found at CalREDIE webpage. Provider Portal Account Request Forms can be faxed to 559-600-7607 Attn: Senior Epidemiologist.

Animal Bite Reporting

  • Per Title 17 California Code of Regulations - code 2606 paragraph (a) Reporting,  the Local Health Department shall also be notified when any person is bitten by an animal of a species subject to rabies, whether or not the animal is suspected of having rabies.
  • To Report an animal bite or contact with a bat, please use the following electronic bite report form: Electronic Rabies Report Form 

Pesticide-related Illness or Injury Reporting

  • Any known or suspected pesticide-related illness or injury must be reported within 24 hours. For more information on reporting please refer to the guidance letter from the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA). 
  • The Fresno County Department of Public Health prefers that health-care providers submit a Pesticide Illness Report (PIR) or a Confidential Morbidity Report (CMR) via fax to (559) 600-7607. PIR forms are available for download on the OEHHA webpage