Clean Slate Program

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The Clean Slate Program is a reentry program that provides free legal services to indigent and low-income persons convicted of offenses in Fresno County and eligible for record clearance.  The Clean Slate Program also connects eligible participants to services, which assist with healthcare, employment training and housing access. 

How Can We Help?

  • Dismiss Convictions: If you were convicted of a crime and put on probation, given local county time, or AB109, we may be able to get that conviction dismissed. 
  • Certificate of Rehabilitation: If you were convicted of a crime and were sentenced to State Prison (NOT Local Prison), we cannot get a conviction dismissed, but we may be able to get you a certificate which states you have been rehabilitated. 
  • Reduce Felonies to Misdemeanors: If you were convicted of a felony "wobbler," Proposition 47 eligible offense, or Proposition 64 eligible offense, we may be able to reduce that felony to a misdemeanor.

How to Apply?

Step 1: To expedite the process, get a copy of your RAP sheet

  • Visit the Fresno Police Department Records and Information Service Bureau at 2323 Mariposa Street, Lobby. M-F 7:30am-2:30pm.  The RAP sheet is $30 –  money order or credit card only.  Bring a picture ID.  For questions call (559) 621-2534.

  • Complete a Department of Justice (DOJ) Request for Live Scan Service and take to a Live Scan site for fingerprinting services.  Fingerprinting services are available at most local police departments, sheriff’s offices or at Fresno Live Scan Locations.  See How to Clean Up Your Record for more information.

Step 2: Fill out an Application

Step 3: Turn in the Application

Once we have your application, we will review your eligibility and contact you with further information within 6-8 weeks.

Clean Slate Clinic

Location: Fresno EOC Neighborhood Youth Center, 1805 E. California Ave., Fresno, CA 93706

If you would like a personal consultation, you can attend our Clean Slate Clinic. Clinic days are every Tuesday and Wednesday. Appointments for each week's clinic days can be made on that Monday between 8:30am-10:30am.  For an appointment call (559) 263-8915.

Questions? Call (559) 263-8915 or email