Juvenile Court Services

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Juvenile Investigations

Vince Ariz - Probation Services Manager
3333 E. American Ave. Building 701 Suite B,
Fresno, CA. 93725 map
(559) 600-4700

Juvenile Investigations is a mandated service provided to the Juvenile Court. After adjudication of a petition by the District Attorney, an in-depth social study is completed which includes recommendations to the Court for disposition purposes. This unit also provides the Court with written information and recommendations for record sealing,  and Court Officers  in each of the Juvenile Court  delinquency departments.


Juvenile Intake

Juvenile Intake is a referral source for law enforcement on criminal and local ordinance violations and encompasses both cases cited non-custody and those processed as in-custody through Juvenile Hall.  Serious cases are referred to the District Attorney for the filing of a petition (charges) pursuant to existing law and department policy.  All other law violations are disposed of through no charges filed for insufficient evidence, release and reprimand, referral to Community Service Work Program, Graffiti Abatement, placement on Informal Probation, or referral to the District Attorney for a not-in-custody petition.