Day Reporting Center

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Nancy VizcarraNancy Dominguez - Probation Services Manager
4939 E. Yale, Fresno, California 93727 map
(559) 600-4850

The Day Reporting Center (D.R.C.) is a community-based treatment program; multi-disciplinary in nature; and located at the Violet Heintz Educational Academy 4939 E. Yale, Fresno CA.  D.R.C. is an alternative to incarceration; however, does incorporate an initial 30 days on the Electronic Monitoring Program.  The program employs three Deputy Probation Officers and one Juvenile Correctional Officer.  Components of the Day Reporting Center program include the following:

  1. Education - RSP services are available for Special Education students.
  2. Mental Health Services and Case Management (approximately 2 hours per week).
  3. Substance Abuse Treatment and Education (approximately 2 hours per week).
  4. Electronic Monitoring.
  5. Probation Supervision/Case Management.

Minors, male and female, aged 14-18 years are eligible for the program.  The program contains an education component and a treatment component.  The two treatment options available are: standard mental health treatment and substance abuse treatment, of which the minors receive approximately two hours of treatment per week for each type of treatment.  A minor can be ordered to participate in one or both treatment options.  the total length of the program is 120-180 days.

Programs/Activities Available at the Day Reporting Center:

  • California Youth Outreach (CYO): This community-based organization provides truancy prevention and case management.
  • Mental Health Counseling (approximately 2 hours per week).
  • Westcare Substance Abuse Counseling (approximately 2 hours per week).
  • Explorers (Boy Scouts): Specializing in video production.
  • Organized Sports Teams: Minors play against other alternative education campuses.
  • Field Trips
  • Canteen
  • Guest Speakers