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What are the requirements to participate?

  1. Based on a voluntary bases with stipulation that client must wear a monitoring device and pay a daily fee while on program.
  2. Must be a resident of Fresno County or a city in close proximity and be sentenced to serve a jail sentence in Fresno County.
  3. Must maintain a working telephone without additional features (no caller id, answer machine, internet services, long distance blocks). This includes a cellular phone (extra fees applies for cellular service).
  4. Have a minimum of 30 days to serve on a jail sentence.
  5. Have suitable transportation with proof of drivers license and insurance of person transporting you.
  6. Must not pose a threat to the community and/ or victim.
  7. Not to have firearms, or any type of weapons, illegal or otherwise, illegal narcotics, or alcohol in the home.

What are factors that may result in my exclusion from the EM Program?

  1. Any crime where a weapon was used.
  2. Any crime where serious bodily injury occurred.
  3. Any defendant who is a threat to the community.
  4. Conviction for sale of narcotics (evaluated on a case by case bases).
  5. All serious felonies described in section 1192.7 of the Penal Code.
  6. Less than 30 day or more than 1 year sentence.
  7. Conditional Sentences.
  8. Misdemeanor Cases.

What are the fees to participate?

  1. There is a $60.00 interview fee and upon acceptance there is a $250.00 starting fee to be paid when placed on the monitor with SCRAM.
  2. The remaining fees are determined on a sliding scale by SCRAM.

How do I schedule an appointment?

  1. Stop by the Adult Offender Work Program/ EM Office on 2048 N. Fine St., Fresno CA 93727 (559) 600-5127.
  2. You must pick up a packet at the above noted location and it must be completed prior to scheduled appointment.
  3. Appointment for Electronic Monitoring program is three weeks prior to jail stay date.

Do you accept transfers?

Yes, if we have a reciprocal agreement with the sending County.

Do I have to pay intake fee if I paid already in sending County?

Yes, and even if you have been accepted in sending County it does not guarantee acceptance into Fresno County Program, but an intake interview has to be completed to determine acceptance.

What is the maximum amount of jail days you will accept?

The maximum is 365 days.

Do I need to have a job while on the Electronic Monitoring Program?

Although it is preferred that the defendant is employed he/or she, will not automatically be denied participation, however, the ability to pay for the program must be demonstrated and the defendant must be in the process of getting a job.

What if I miss my appointment?

If your case is an out of County transfer you would have to get a new referral from the sending County. If your case is a Fresno County case your appointment can be reschedule as long as you’re rescheduled appointment is still prior to your jail stay date.

How soon after my interview will I be placed on the monitor?

Unless prior arrangements have been made you will be placed on the monitor approximately 1-5 business days after intake interview.