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On March 12, 2020, the CAO authorized and directed Department Heads to implement telework to the greatest extent possible for all County employees whose work can reasonably be accommodated via telework and suspended the normal provisions and requirements of the telework program. This suspension has been in effect for the past 60 days.

Upon review of the current status of COVID-19, the CAO has extended the suspension of the provisions and requirements of the telework program through the end of the fiscal year (June 30, 2020). This suspension is subject to further review and extension, pending the future status of COVID-19 in Fresno County. 


For those employees and Departments that are using Telework as a response to COVID-19, the Human Resources Department has prepared helpful Guides on Emergency Telework Best Practices, which includes a guide for supervisors, an Ergonomic Self-Certification Checklist, and additional resources for employees.

Teleworking Option is now Available for all County Departments

In September of 2008, the Fresno County Board of Supervisors adopted a Telework Administrative Policy in support of telework assignments within the County of Fresno. In 2019, Human Resources staff, working cooperatively with three other County Departments and County Counsel, and under the direction of the County Board of Supervisors, launched a six-month Telework pilot project (“Pilot Project”) to evaluate the benefits of teleworking employees in these three County Departments.  Based on the positive results of this Pilot Project, in November of 2019, the County Board of Supervisors authorized County-wide implementation of this Telework Program. The Department of Human Resources is taking the necessary steps to roll this program out to all interested departments in 2020.

application/pdfAP 63 Teleworking

Why Telework is Helpful for County Business

The Telework Program is an effective workplace option which promotes employee productivity, improved work efficiencies, cost effectiveness, and greater environmental responsibility. During the Pilot Project, 90 percent of participating employees, and all participating departments, indicated an increase in employee productivity; this improved productivity was coupled with a reduction of over 21,000 miles of travel, thereby lowering emissions from County employee commuters.

Getting Started

Are you interested in exploring Telework options for your Department?

If so, first review the Board of Supervisors approved application/pdfTelework Guidelines to become familiar with the program standards.

Second, review the “Determining Positions Appropriate for Telework” attachment within these Guidelines, which comprehensively explains which positions and employees are eligible to participate in the Telework Program.

Finally, ensure that each participating employee reviews and completes the application/pdfTerms and Conditions of Participation, which must be approved by the County Administrative Office prior to the implementation of any telework assignments.

The Human Resources Department will then meet and confer with all affected Bargaining Units who represent participating employees to discuss the impacts of telework.

If you are an employee interested in participating in the Telework Program, please begin by discussing this with your supervisor.

Additional details regarding the Telework Program can be found below.

Further Information

Please contact for more information about the program.


Terms and Conditions of Participation
Which Staff Qualify (Program Restrictions)
Telework Time Codes
Safety Issues
Performance Surveys


Department Points of Contact
Termination of Agreement
FAQ – for Staff
FAQ – for Departments