Unemployment Insurance

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Upon receiving an Unemployment Insurance claim, the department will be contacted by Risk Management via email regarding the claim, with a request for the following:

  • The reason for the claimant's termination
  • First and last days worked
  • Rate of pay
  • Any other documentation relating to the claimant's separation, including but not limited to:
    • Disciplinary actions taken against the employee
    • Findings of investigations relating to disciplinary action/termination
    • Termination documentation

Note: It is not up to the department to determine whether or not a former employee will receive UI benefits. The submission of all pertinent information is mandated by State law.

If an employee was dismissed during his or her first year of employment for violating County policy, please include all available relative information. (Do not confuse "violating County policy" with "failure to meet department standards.")

It is possible for a department to receive a claim from an employee who is still working, for a number of reasons. If this is the case, please provide any available information and notify Risk Management that the claimant is still employed.

It is to the department's advantage to submit the above requested information in an expedited manner. After receiving the initial information from the department, Risk Management may receive a phone call from the State (a “State Call”) asking for additional information, which must be submitted by the department to Risk immediately, and by Risk to the State, sometimes within just hours or even less.

The County or the claimant will have an opportunity to appeal the State’s determination regarding the claimant’s eligibility for Unemployment Insurance benefits. Occasionally, claims may get to the hearing process. In this event, Risk Management will notify the department of the date, time, location, etc. of the hearing. A representative from the department will be required to appear at the hearing and present the department’s case against the claim. The County’s Third Party Administrator is available to assist the department representative through the hearing process.

Please contact Risk Management at 600-1850 with any questions about this process.