Non-Violent Second Strike Release

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Along with many other programs designed to let inmates out of prison early, on January 1, 2015 the Board of Parole Hearings implemented a so-called "Non-Violent" Second Strike Release program. This program, which never went to a vote of the public or the Legislature, permits most prison inmates who are currently in prison with only one "Strike" prior conviction under the Three Strikes Law to be released from prison after serving only half of their prison sentence. Inmates can qualify for this program even if they have more than 1 prior "Strike" if the sentencing judge struck one or more of his/her "Strike" prior convictions or if the inmate only qualified for a Second-Strike sentence due to Proposition 36. This program is conducted without any type of hearing because it is done administratively with a BPH Deputy Commissioner making the decision.

Inmates may qualify for this program even if they were previously convicted of violent felonies like murder or robbery or kidnapping. In order for an inmate to qualify for this program, BPH only considers the felony conviction(s) that was the basis for the prison sentence the inmate is currently serving. So unless the inmate was sent to prison for a very limited number of felonies that the Legislature considers to be violent under Penal Code §667.5(c) or if he/she is a registered sex offender, the inmate could qualify for relief. Examples of felonies considered "non-violent" under this law include Assault with a Firearm on a Peace Officer, Attempted Robbery, Domestic Violence, Victim/Witness Intimidation and Driving under the Influence causing Bodily Injury.

On this page, you can find links to some of the dangerous criminals sent to prison by our office who were released early as a result of this program. Statewide over half of the inmates who have received a decision from the Board under this program have been granted early release. Defendants with active cases will not be posted until and unless there is a conviction.  Our office will update this page on a regular basis as more criminals are released early from prison.


Dennis Loren Johnson Sidni Alfred Moore
Randy Horn Otis James Hamon
Gilbert Mendoza Jr. Steven Ray Wentz
Johnathan James Jackson Leon Errion Johnson, Jr.
Oswaldo Benito Vidrio George Louis Vargas
Jack Henderson Tyrone Miguel Allen, Sr.
David William Fraulob George Xeng Fang
Rafael Cruz Moreno, Jr. Keith Gerome McCray, Sr.
Matthew Wayne Roberts Jose Avales Nieto, Jr.
Johnny Fuentes Solis Jorge Arthuro Olivera