Domestic Violence

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woman upsetCalifornia Penal Code Section 273.5 defines domestic violence as willfully inflicting injury upon one's spouse, former spouse, cohabitant, former cohabitant or the mother or father of his or her child. The offender's fiancé or fiancée, or someone with who the offender has, or previously had an engagement or dating relationship, as defined in paragraph (10) of subdivision (f) of Section 243.  Domestic violence cases are some of the most difficult and sensitive cases to handle.

The Domestic Violence Unit of the Fresno County District Attorney's Office is a special unit that was formed to prosecute domestic violence cases in Fresno County. This Unit consists of a specially trained staff of attorneys, investigators, victim/witness advocate and clerical personnel who share the common goal of diligently seeking justice for domestic violence victims.


  • National Domestic Violence Hotline
    (800) 799-SAFE (7233)
  • Rape Counseling Service & Hotline
    (559) 222-RAPE (7273)
  • Elder Abuse Hotline/Adult Protective Services
    (800) 418-1426 or (559) 600-3383
  • Marjaree Mason 24-hour Hotline
    (559) 233-4357 Help Line or
    (559) 237-4706 Business Center
  • Carmen Meza Center in Kerman
    (559) 659-0232
    Hotline: (559) 222-7273
  • Babies First - Mom & Kids Hotline
    Fresno County
    (800) 640-0333

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Report Domestic Violence

Contact the law enforcement agency in your area. For emergencies, call 9-1-1.