Ongoing Fraud

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Ongoing Fraud cases are cases that show a pattern of fraud that is still continuing. For the fiscal year 2013 - 2014 the Fresno County District Attorney’s Office prosecuted 116 for welfare fraud that resulted in $650,050 in restitution and $4,555 in criminal fines.

During this time the Fresno County District Attorney's Office also received 523 fraud referrals and completed with $454,589 ordered in restitution and $15,320 in fines.

Jail time, Adult Offender Work Program, decertification from Cash Aid and Food Stamps as well as probation are generally requested. The final disposition is up to the Judge and can include one or all of the aforementioned penalties.

Welfare Fraud Links

Report Welfare Fraud

If you suspect someone might be committing welfare fraud, please report it to the District Attorney's Office at (559) 600-5045.

Welfare Fraud Hotline
(800) 344-8477