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The Welfare Fraud Diversion program provides an opportunity for a person charged with welfare fraud to have his or her case dismissed after completing the program. Criteria for the diversion program are based on an individual having little or no criminal history and the total fraud not exceeding $4,000. This program requires that the individual plead to either a misdemeanor or a felony, get fingerprinted and photographed at the Fresno County Jail, complete the diversion class and pay the restitution.

Once the individual has successfully completed all aspects of the program, their charges are dismissed. Individuals who do not choose the diversion program are diverted to the Fresno County Superior Court, downtown courthouse, and enter the court process at the preliminary hearing stage.

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Report Welfare Fraud

If you suspect someone might be committing welfare fraud, please report it to the District Attorney's Office at (559) 600-5045.

Welfare Fraud Hotline
(800) 344-8477