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Clerk Services

  • What do I need to bring in order to get a marriage license?
    ID’s, both PersonA & PersonB come in together, etc.
  • How long do I have to wait until I receive the license?
    You receive the license when you come in.
  • Do I need a witness in order to get the license?
    No, a witness is not required to purchase the license.
  • How much does it cost and what is the difference between public and confidential?
    A public license is $58.00. With the public license you can be married anywhere in the state of California. Confidential marriage license is $69.00. With the confidential marriage license you must be living together as a married couple and can have the ceremony performed anywhere in the state of California.
  • Do you perform wedding ceremonies in your office?
    Yes. The fee is $21.00.
  • Who performs the ceremony in your office?
    Our staff performs the ceremonies.
  • Why do I need a ceremony?
    A couple is not married until a ceremony is performed.
  • Can I bring family & friends with me? How many?
    Yes. The ceremony room can occupy up to 10 people.
  • I have already had a ceremony in my culture but I didn’t have a license? What do I need to do?
    You will need to purchase a marriage license and have a civil ceremony performed.
  • How long is the wait once I am in your office?
    It can depend on the day and time but usually there is not a long wait.
  • What is a Confidential Marriage License?
    The information is not public. Only PersonA or PersonB can get a certified copy. The couple must be living together as a married couple and the ceremony can take place anywhere in the state of California.
  • Where can I get a birth certificate?
    The Hall of Records, located at 2281 Tulare St. Rm. 303. The phone number is (559) 600-3476.
  • Do we need to schedule an appointment to get married?


  • How can I get a Vote By Mail ballot mailed to me?
    In order for us to mail a Vote By Mail ballot to a voter, we must have a request in writing. An application is provided on the back cover of the sample ballot or on our website at We will also accept a postcard or letter with the voter’s name, residence address, mailing address (if different) and signature. Family members may use the same request as long as all names are listed and all members have signed the request.
  • How can I have permanent Vote By Mail status?
    Any voter who requests this status will automatically be mailed a Vote By Mail ballot for future elections.
  • How can my son/daughter receive a Vote By Mail ballot who is away at college?
    A student can apply for a Vote By Mail ballot and use their college address as their mailing address and their parent’s address as their residence address, or they can register to vote before the close of registration and use their parent’s address as their residence and their college address as their mailing address. If the student is out of the county, we will automatically mail them a postcard Vote By Mail voter application giving them the opportunity to send in the application in plenty of time to receive their ballot.
    The other option is a provision for unmarried Vote By Mail voters. The elections official can give the ballot to the voter’s parent if the parent signs a statement affirming that he or she is authorized by the voter to deliver the Vote By Mail ballot. A spouse can also pick up an Vote By Mail ballot.
  • When will you mail my Vote By Mail ballot?
    Once the Vote By Mail voting period has opened the Vote By Mail ballot will be mailed within 24 to 48 hours after we receive the request.
  • Where can I drop off my voted Vote By Mail ballot? Can someone drop it off for me?
    A Vote By Mail voter can mail their ballot, drop it off at our office or drop it off at any polling place in Fresno County on Election Day. The ballot must be received by 8:00 p.m. on Election Day. There is a provision in the Elections Code for a voter who, because of illness or other physical disability, is unable to return his or her ballot. The voter may designate his or her spouse, child, parent, grandparent, grandchild, brother, sister, or a person residing in the same household as the Vote By Mail voter to return the ballot for him or her to either the Elections Office or polling place. There is also a special provision for an authorized agent to pick up or drop off a voted Vote By Mail ballot. However, the Elections Office must designate the authorized agent on the return envelope.
  • I lost my Vote By Mail ballot that was mailed to me. Can I obtain another?
    We can issue a second ballot to a Vote By Mail voter if we receive a statement under penalty of perjury that the voter has failed to receive, lost, or destroyed his or her original ballot. Another option is that a voter may go to the polling place on Election Day and vote a provisional ballot.
  • Why do I have to vote by mail in this election? I’ve always voted at a polling place before.
    The Elections Office designates “Mail Ballot Precincts” when there are 250 or less voters registered in a precinct. Each voter is mailed a Vote By Mail ballot, along with a notice that there will not be a polling place for that election. The Elections Office is able to save money and make voting more convenient by not setting up a polling place and hiring precinct officers. A polling place may be nearby, but it has different issues on the ballot than the mail ballot precinct.

Polling Places

  • Where is my polling place?
    Your polling place will be listed on the back of your sample ballot. There is also a polling place look-up option on our website: If you do not have access to the Internet, you may call our office at (559) 600-8683 to find out the location of your polling place.
  • Why do I have to travel so far to my polling place when there’s one right down the street from me?
    Areas are broken up into precincts by major district lines (congressional, senate, assembly and cities) and minor district lines (schools and special districts - fire, water, etc.). A polling place is required to be within a voter’s precinct. Precinct lines sometimes run down the middle of a street. The people who live across the street could be in a different precinct and will vote on different issues on their ballot.
  • Why does my polling place change?
    We try to keep the same polling places but sometimes we are forced to look for a new one if the old polling place site is no longer available. We try to find a polling place that’s easily accessible to all voters, has adequate parking and enough space for all of the voting booths.