Results for November 7, 2017 - Uniform District Election

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Election Summary Report
Consolidated Uniform District and Special Municipal Elections
Summary For Jurisdiction Wide, All Counters, All Races
Fresno County November 7, 2017
Official Final Results


Registered Voters 5213 - Cards Cast 1205 23.12% Num. Report Precinct 6 - Num. Reporting 6 100.00%

Riverdale Irrigation Div. 3
Number of Precincts 1
Precincts Reporting 1 100.0 %
Vote For 1
Times Counted 74/432 17.1 %
Total Votes 73
Times Blank Voted 0
Times Over Voted 1
Number Of Under Votes 0

JOHN L. MENDES 44 60.27%
RALPH M. HODSON 28 38.36%
Write-in Votes 1 1.37%

City of Coalinga - Tax Measure C 50%+1 to Pass
Number of Precincts 5
Precincts Reporting 5 100.0 %
Vote For 1
Times Counted 1131/4781 23.7 %
Total Votes 1127
Times Blank Voted 3
Times Over Voted 1
Number Of Under Votes 0

NO/NO 582 51.64%
YES/SI 545 48.36%