Parcel and Tract Maps for Recordation

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The Clerk of the Board’s office receives all parcel and tract maps that need to be recorded.

The following must be received for the Clerk of the Board’s staff to accept a map:

  • Tax Compliance Certification Request form 
    - Top portion of form must be complete
  • One original map
  • Three copies of map
  • Legal Description 
    - Must match the legal description on map verbatim
  • Subdivision Guarantee
  • Transmittal Form

    - List all documents being submitted

When a map is received, it is routed to the Assessor, Auditor and Tax Collector departments. Once all departments have signed the original Tax Compliance Certification Request form, the Clerk of the Board’s office will deliver the map to the Recorder’s office.

For inquiries on the status of a map, Contact the Clerk of the Board’s office at (559) 600-3529, option 4.