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Our providers are very important partners in what we do here at Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Services. This page has been created to help you assist clients, stay informed, and link to available resources. Below, you will find some helpful links and training information. If there is anything you would find helpful in your efforts to offer the best services possible to clients, please email Lisa Ruiz at We welcome your input and suggestions.

Provider and Behavioral Health (BH) Board-SUD Sub Committee meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month. The Provider meeting is from 9:45am - 10:45pm. The BH Board-SUD Sub Committee meeting is from 11:00am - 12:00pm. Please contact our office at 600-6087 for the location of the next meeting.

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Provider Resources 

Mandated Forms:

Non-Mandated Forms:

CIBHS - Provider Boot Camp

Date(s) Training Name
Training Materials

Managing Change

Date: 6/6/19

Managing Change Agenda

Managing Change PowerPoint

8 Step Process of Successful Change

Clinical Documentation






Clinical Documentation Agenda

Clinical Documentation PowerPoint

Documenting Client Process Using SOAP

Adult Initial LOC Assessment

Treatment Plan Form


Date: 7/24/19

Walk-though Instructions and Template

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Date: 8/1/19

CBT Agenda

CBT PowerPoint

CBT Balancing Negative Thoughts

CBT Thought Record Sheet

CBT Weekly Schedule

Relapse Prevention

Date: 8/16/19

Relapse Prevention Agenda

Relapse Prevention PowerPoint

Immediate Relapse Prevention Plan

CBT Model of Substance Abuse

Craving Triggers

Recovery Capital Scale

Craving Beliefs Questionnaire

Beliefs Questionnaire

Stage of Recovery Questionnaire

Motivational Interviewing





Advance MI - PowerPoint

Branching Scripts - Instruction

Branching Scripts - Example

Value Cards

Eligibility and Enrollment

Date: 8/28/19

Eligibility and Enrollment PowerPoint

DMC County of Responsibility Flowchart

MHSUD Information Notice

Understanding Connections Between Utilization Revenue and Staffing Residential Providers

Date: 9/4/19

Residential Providers

9/5/19 Understanding Connections Between Utilization Revenue and Staffing - Outpatient Providers

Date: 9/5/19

Outpatient Providers

Costing Out Services

Date: 9/6/19

Costing Out Services PowerPoint





Psychoeducation Agenda

Psychoeducation PowerPoint

Client Engagement and Retention

Date: 9/11/19

Client Engagement and Retention PowerPoint

Care Coordination Table Exercise

Collaboration - Are we ready?

Care Coordination and Case Management

Date: 9/11/19

Care Coordination and Case Management PowerPoint

Care Coordinaton and Case Management PP Handout

Case Management Activities Scenarios


Drug Medi-Cal Application Packet


Follow the link below to the Department of Behavioral Health Managed Care Credentialing page:

State/County Contracts

Prior State-County Contracts: 

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