MHSA Three-Year Plan and Annual Updates

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FY 2017-18 Annual Update

MHSA 2017-18 Annual Update - FINAL

FY 2016-17 - Annual Update and 17/18 - 19/20 Three Year Plan

The Department of Behavioral Health is announcing and providing the final draft of the Fresno County FY 2016-17 MHSA Annual Update and 2017/18 - 2019/20 Three Year Plan as supported by the Behavioral Health Board on October 18, 2017. The final draft will be on the Board of Supervisor’s agenda on December 5, 2017 for final approval. Copies of the summary of comments and final draft of the Annual Update are available upon request.

The Department of Behavioral Health has launched the 2017 Fresno County Mental Health Services Act Community Program Planning Process through established meetings that take place throughout our community, collection of individual stakeholder input, review and use of data collected through stakeholder processes as well as with focus groups and community meetings.


MHSA Assembly Bill 114 (Statute of 2017) Plan to Spend 

Mental Health Service Act
Annual Update / Three Year Plan
Public Hearing

Wednesday, October 18, 2017 at 1:30 to 2:30 PM
1925 E. Dakota Ave.
Fresno, CA 93726 

(Following the Public Hearing, the BHB Forum will be from 2:30 – 4:00 PM)

Annual Update FY 16-17 PUBLIC HEARING FLYER - 080717

The Annual Update/ Three Year Plan Public Comment period is now closed.   

English:  FY 16-17 ANNUAL UPDATE & THREE-YEAR 17/18-19/20 PLAN - FINAL DRAFT

Please note, the addendum to the annual update now includes the full fiscal budgeting portion. 

As this is a large document, there is an Executive Summary available on this website.  Copies of the plan can be made available upon request.  

Requests can be made to: or by calling (559) 600-6842. Comments received will be posted at the end of each week for stakeholder viewing.

Comments received will be posted at the end of each week for stakeholder viewing.  

Public Comment Received To Date:  Annual Update Posting Activities Log - 101717

Annual Update Changes Log - 101717
Annual Update Changes Log - Fiscal - 101217

Additional Worksheets to be included in the plan:
APP for Transportation Program:
Intensive Transition Team Program:
Technology Based Mental Health Solutions Program:

English:   FY16/17 Annual Update & Three-Year Plan FY 17/18 - 19/20 Public Comment Form
Hmong:   FY 16/17 Annual Update & Three-Year Plan FY 17/18 - 19/20 Public Comment Form Hmong
Spanish:  FY 16/17 Annual Update & Three-Year Plan FY 17/18 - 19/20 Public Comment Form Spanish

MHSA Executive Summary

DBH is pleased to post the MHSA Annual Update/Three Year Plan Executive Summary.  This document will provide you with an overview of the contents of the plan.  This document is undergoing translations and will be made available as quickly as possible.

English:  FY 16/17 Annual Update & Three Year Plan FY 17/18 - 19/20 MHSA Executive Summary
Spanish: FY 16/17 Annual Update & Three Year Plan FY 17/18 - 19/20 MHSA Executive Summary Spanish
Hmong:  FY 16/17 Annual Update & Three Year PLan FY 17/18 - 19/20 Executive Summary Hmong

Stakeholder Data Collection

The prior MHSA Community Program Planning Process included robust a robust and rich collection of data that will inform the current MHSA stakeholder process. Since the Annual Update’s data collection, the Department completed several additional stakeholder processes, including

  • Fresno DBH Sequential Intercept Mapping Report- designed to address the connection between behavioral health services and criminal justice
  • Fresno DBH Housing Assessment—designed to address chronic homelessness, residential treatment and emergency/temporary/transitional housing and the connection to access to behavioral health services.
  • Proposition 47, Drug MediCal Waiver Community Engagement & Planning Process—designed to expand Substance Use Disorder services and create a system of integrated care that include behavioral health and

Data collected from the 2016 MHSA Three-Year Annual Update will inform the plan update along with Department-led initiatives that are focused on persistent community challenges, including the nexus of Behavioral Health with the criminal justice system, housing needs and gaps, suicide prevention and substance use services, and challenges in meeting rural behavioral health care needs, among others. Each of these initiatives has included participants with lived experience and their family members or other loved ones, as well as subject matter experts across allied professions,including primary care service providers, law enforcement and criminal justice professionals, mental health providers, substance use disorder service providers, and participants from the County’s diverse communities. Together, these outreach and engagement initiatives provide data, facts, finding and recommendations on addressing the most pressing and persistent challenges to public mental health.

Innovation Final Reports - POSTED

The Department of Behavioral Health is posting two Innovations programs that are being ‘deleted.’  

“Deleted’ communicates to the public that these plans have been implemented and their learning goals have been tested, evaluated and implemented in our the system of care.    

The two programs posted include activities or services have either been funded with a new funding stream (Community Services and Supports) or their activities have been embedded into our system of care for continued growth and learning.   These two programs were identified as deleted in the prior Update process, this action shares the required final reports.   

New Innovation (INN) programs under initial consideration are outlined in the Executive Summary posted here, INN programs will undergo stakeholder input and formal request during this fiscal year.  

Thank you

Integrated Discharge Team
AB109 Program

    Individual Input Opportunity

    The purpose of this form is to capture individual’s input and ideas regarding MHSA plan/gaps/needs. This input will be incorporated into the MHSA Community Program Planning Process.

    FY 2015-16 - Annual Update

    The Department of Behavioral Health is announcing and providing the final draft of the Fresno County MHSA Annual Update as supported by the Behavioral Health Board on October 19, 2016. The final draft will be on the Board of Supervisor’s agenda on November 15, 2016 for final approval. Copies of the summary of comments and final draft of the Annual Update are available upon request.

    Please contact Theresa Hughes at 600-6839 or email your request to

    MHSA Community Program Planning Process 2016

    Phase 2: Stakeholder Meetings

    Phase 2: Meeting Summaries

    Date Time Loaction Notes
    08/11/16 5:00pm - 7:00pm Clovis Veterans Memorial Auditorium Clovis Veterans Memorial Notes - 081116
    08/12/16 1:30pm - 3:30pm Fresno Holistic Center Fresno Holistic Center Notes - 081216
    08/16/16 2:30pm - 4:30pm Selma Regional Center Selma Regional Center Notes - 081616
    08/18/16 2:30pm - 4:30pm Blue Sky Wellness Center Blue Sky Wellness Center Notes - 081816
    08/23/16 3:00pm - 5:00pm First 5 Fresno First 5 Fresno Notes - 082316
    08/24/16 3:00pm - 5:00pm West Side Church of God Westside Church of God Notes - 082416
    08/25/16 1:30pm - 3:30pm Kerman Community Center Kerman Community Center Notes - 082516
    08/30/16 3:00pm - 5:00pm Reedley Community Center Reedley Community Center Notes - 083016

    Phase 1: Surveys and Focus Groups

    • 950 Surveys Received
    • 20 Focus Groups Completed/Calendared

    CPPP Phase 1 Data Collection Summary,:

    CPPP Survey Results:

    Fresno County MHSA Community Planning Process has started. Proposition 63, known as the Mental Health Services Act, requires the County Department of Behavioral Health to conduct a Community Planning Process to collect input from stakeholders throughout the County to inform the County MHSA Plan. Your input is vital to this process and we welcome your participation and input. We will be regularly updating this web page with invitations and communication on the Community Planning Process.

    Please Complete the Online Community Survey Here

    If you have any questions, please contact Jim Ritchie at 559-600-6846 or email him at:

    MHSA 2016 Community Planning Process

    Agency Access Survey

  • Community Access Survey
  • Community Attitudes Survey
  • MHSA Information Community Planning Data Collection
  • CPP Meeting Log
  • Attached are the Final documents related to the Interim Report for the HCEWC

    FY 2014-15 - Annual Update 

    Three-Year Integrated Plan

    The MHSA Three-Year Integrated Plan is a process in which the County reports to the community the status of current and future planned MHSA funded programs. This Three-Year Integrated Plan is a comprehensive document that summarizes the 2014 Community Planning Process and communicates recommendations that will be inclusive of new program requests, deletion of programs, consolidation of programs or to enhance approved plan including fiscal changes, including prudent reserve. Please see documents attached below.

    The 30-day public comment period has closed.

    The Department thanks our Behavioral Health Board and Community for their input & comments at the Public Hearing.

    Public Comments Summary

    Three Year Plan

    MHSA Outcomes

    All public comments received during this public comment period will be posted on Wednesdays and Fridays.

    If you would like a hard copy of the complete Three-Year Integrated Plan, please contact David Tijerina by Phone: (559) 600-6844 or you may contact him via email at:

    FY 2013-14 - Annual Update

    Annual Update FY 13-14 - Thank you for your interest and participation in the FY 13/14 Annual Update process. The public hearing was conducted by the Mental Health Board on October 15, 2014 at 1:30 pm. Posted as of October 21, 2014 are the following:

    Again we thank you for your time.

    Fresno County MHSA Annual Update FY 13-14 - As part of the Fresno County MHSA FY 2013-14 Annual Update Plan process, the Department will be scheduling a series of community wide stakeholder meetings (details to follow). The Department will be posting on an ongoing basis all feedback received/information feedback forms received from the various stakeholder meetings onto this website.

    Please refer to the flyer below regarding these phase III meetings. The purpose of these meetings is to obtain your feedback on Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) funded programs, and if any changes are needed.

    Some of the information being provided as part of this update process are attached below:

    MHSA Stakeholder Process – Flowchart Depicting the Various Phases of the Annual Update

    Stakeholder Feedback Information Form – Used to Collect Feedback From the Community at Meetings

    MHSA Stakeholder Process - Phase 1 - Form Template

    1. Stakeholder Input Community Conversations 12-3
    2. Stakeholder Input Suicide Prevention Taskforce 12-13
    3. MHSA Stakeholder Phase 1 Input - MHB Forum Parlier
    4. MHSA Stakeholder Phase 1 Input - MHB Forum Kerman
    5. MHSA Stakeholder Phase 1 Input - Blue Sky Exchange
    6. MHSA Stakeholder Phase 1 Input - Blue Sky Provider
    7. MHSA Stakeholder Phase 1 Input - TP ICSST
    8. MHSA Stakeholder Phase 1 Input - TP IMH First Street FSP
    9. MHSA Stakeholder Phase 1 Input - TP CDP
    10. MHSA Stakeholder Phase 1 Input - TP TAY
    11. MHSA Stakeholder Phase 1 Input - TP Rural
    12. MHSA Stakeholder Phase 1 Input - K-12 PEI
    13. MHSA Stakeholder Phase 1 Input - CBANS

    Stakeholder Public Comment Form Individuals

    MHSA Training on Basic Fundamental of MHSA 101

    Outcome Measurement Schedule and Forms

    If you would like to see MHSA Program Outcomes, please click on the following link:

    Annual Update Timeline

    FY 2012-13 - Annual Update

    Revised MHSA FY 2012-13 Annual Update: The MHSA Revised FY 2012-13 Annual Update Plan has been prepared. The revised annual update includes all changes from the Mental Health Board meeting on January 16, 2013. The revised annual update will be presented to the County Board of Supervisors for final approval on February 26, 2013.

    Attached Below are the Following Documents:

    The Department of Behavioral Health is providing the following updates to the posted plan specific to four programs:

    Update to MHSA Annual Update Process - The public hearing was held on January 9, 2013. Thank you to all that attended. Below are documents from that hearing:

    The Fresno County Mental Health Board has an agenda item for their January 16, 2013 meeting stating: Approval and Recommendations of MHSA Annual Update.

    Mental Health Board meetings are open to the public , your attendance and participation is encouraged.

    Fresno County Mental Health Board

    Wednesday, January 16, 2013 @ 2:30PM

    Blue Sky Wellness Center
    1617 E. Saginaw Avenue
    Fresno, CA 93704

    Thank you

    Public Comments Received and Responses Provided by the Department - As part of the MHSA FY 2012-13 Annual Update Public comment period, the Department received various questions and feedback from the community. The questions and public comments received as well as the Department’s response are posted below.

    One of the questions asked was the justification for the programs added/expanded. The MHSA Annual Update is a stakeholder driven process and plans added/expanded reflected the feedback received from the stakeholders.

    Specific Questions/comments received and response provided by the Department is shown below. Several attachments providing additional information are also shown below.

    MHSA 2012-13 Annual Update Public Hearing - We are pleased to announce that the Public Hearing for the MHSA 2012-13 Annual Update shall take place on January 9, 2013 at 2:30PM at Blue Sky. Please see announcement below for additional information.

    MHSA FY 2012-13 Annual Update Public Comment Period - We are pleased to post the MHSA FY 2012-13 Annual Update. An Executive Summary, budget sheets and program outcome measurements are also posted. The Executive summary provides information and data on existing approved MHSA programs, new proposals, as well as expansions of existing programs.

    The MHSA 2012-13 Annual Update public comment period is from November 19 - December 19, 2012.

    The MHSA annual update is a State required process to continue funding MHSA components and programs. The annual update is an opportunity for the community to make changes to existing programs, add programs, or delete programs. In addition this annual update provides program data, outcomes, funding, and other detail for all existing and new proposed programs.

    Public Comment forms are also posted. The Executive Summary shall be translated into Spanish and Hmong. Questions as well as assistance in Spanish and Hmong will be provided by Department staff via the following:
    Phone: (559) 600-6899
    Fax: (559) 600-7711

    MHSA FY 2012-13 Annual Update Stakeholder Process - As part of the Fresno County MHSA FY 2012-13 Annual Update Plan process, the Department of Behavioral Health has scheduled a series of community wide stakeholder meetings. More information on the Annual Update and various locations and dates scheduled are shown in the flyer below.

    In addition, a draft timeline is also shown below showing the various steps involved in the Annual Update Process.

    A Public Comment form is also attached. Hope to See You at the Community Meetings.


    FY 2011-12 - Annual Update

    “The below Fiscal sheets show the amount of funding allocated in the FY 2011-12 MHSA State plan for various MHSA components/programs as well as amounts shown in recent Innovation/Housing plan approvals. Additional information is provided on the clients served/to be served.”

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