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Most Recent Innovation Plan Updates (From 7/28/11 Meeting)

- Advisory Council Membership
- Exhibit C - Holistic Culturally Competent Wellness
- Community Facilitator - Wellness Educator - IOB Description


Continued Innovation Dialogue / Comments Received (Post 7/26/11)

- FCNA Innovation Comments
- MHACV Input on INN-03 Deliverables Discussion
- Carolyn Evans Innovation Comments
- Fresno Betsuin Buddhist Temple Innovation Comments
- MHACV - Davis Weikel Comments on Innovation
- Curt Thornton's Innovation Comments


INN 03 Plan

- Updated 07-27-11


Attachments for the INN 03 Plan:

- INN 03 - Attach A
- INN 03 - Attach B
- INN Questions


MHSA Innovations Component PowerPoint


Innovations Updated Summary and Plans

- INN Post Public Hearing Plan Summary
- INN Exhibit C - Holistic Culturally Competent Wellness 7-8-11
- INN Exhibit C - ED - Overnight Stay 7-8-11
- INN Exhibit C - Integrated Discharge Team 7-8-11


Innovations Public Hearing - July 6, 2011 (Please see comments below)

- Innovations Public Hearing Comments - 6-8-11


Innovations Additional Documents: More Information forthcoming

Innovations Samples - July 2011 MH and Spirituality Initiative Document
Innovations Review Process MH and Spirituality Initiatives Values Statement
Physician Article on Cross-Cultural Medicine Monterey County Alternative Healing
San Francisco County Collaboration With Faith Community Santa Clara County Multi-Cultural Exhibit C
Santa Clara County Multi-Cultural Exhibit D Interfaith Government Partnership Article
Faith Based and Community Partnerships Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships
Ventura County Faith and Spirituality Initiative Santa Clara INN Plan
San Bernardino INN Plan Monterey County INN Plan
LA County INN Plan