Behavioral Health

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Dawan Utecht
Director of Behavioral Health/Public Guardian
3133 N. Millbrook Ave. Fresno, CA 93703
Phone (559) 600-6899, Fax (559) 600-7711

Christina Young
Executive Assistant


About the Department of Behavioral Health

The Department of Behavioral Health provides mental health and substance abuse services to adults within the County of Fresno. The programs within our department focus on delivering the highest quality of service. There are over 300 professionals and staff dedicated to providing services in both metropolitan and rural areas. The diversity of our staff has helped us create a department that is sensitive to cultural differences and attempts to bridge the language barriers with our clients.

Our Mission

›DBH is dedicated to supporting the wellness of individuals, families and communities in Fresno County who are affected by, or are at risk of, mental illness and/or substance use disorders through cultivation of strengths of the persons we serve toward promoting recovery in the least restrictive environment.


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If you have a Behavioral Health emergency, please call 9-1-1.

For Access to Services or the Crisis Line, call 1-800-654-3937



Presumptive Transfer (AB1299)

We are committed to timely and effective delivery and payment of specialty mental health services to children and youth in foster care who are placed outside of their county of jurisdiction and into a different county of residency. 

For Presumptive Transfer referrals please ensure that all of the following information are included:

  • Identifying information about the child: name, date of birth, address
    (Include contact information for the caretaker, including name and phone number)

  • Name, location, and contact information of the referring placing agency

  • Name and contact information of who can sign release of information

  • Name and contact information of who can sign consents

  • Send the most recent consent for services (court order), and consent for medication (JV-220)

  • Send, or arrange to have sent, the most recent mental health records, including the most recent mental health assessment.  

Referrals can be sent to the following email box:

Presumptive Transfer Contact Information:
Aimie Rojas, LCSW
(559) 600-8918


For All Ages

Central Valley Suicide Prevention Hotline

Dept. of Behavioral Health Access Line

  • (800) 654-3937
  • 24/7 information connecting to Mental Health Services

Fresno National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

  • (559) 224-2469
  • 7545 N. Del Mar Avenue, Suite 105, Fresno
  • Website: Click Here

Medical / GR Eligibility

  • (877) 600-1377 (Automated)
  • (855) 832-8082 (Live Person)
  • Website: Click Here

Substance Use Disorder Assessment Center

  • (559) 600-3800
  • 2212 N. Winery, STE. #122, Fresno
  • Website: Click Here

Fresno County Resources and Information

For Children & Adolescents

Children's Mental Health

  • (559) 600-8918
  • 3133 N. Millbrook Avenue, Fresno

One Call For Kids

  • (559) 229-2000 
  • 4440 N. 1st St, Fresno 
  • Website: Click Here

Exodus Recovery Youth Crisis Center

  • (559) 512-8700
  • 4411 E. Kings Canyon Rd., Fresno
  • 24/7 Crisis Stabilization Services
  • Website: Click Here

For Adults

Urgent Care Wellness Center

  • (559) 600-9171
  • 4441 E. Kings Canyon Rd., Fresno

Blue Sky Wellness Center

  • (559) 230-2501
  • 1617 E. Saginaw Way, #108, Fresno
  • Website: Click Here

Exodus Recovery Crisis Center

  • (559) 453-1008
  • 4411 E. Kings Canyon Rd., Fresno
  • 24/7 Crisis Stabilization Services
  • Website: Click Here


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