Auditor-Controller / Treasurer-Tax Collector

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Special Announcement

Photo of Oscar J. Garcia, CPA, Auditor-Controller/Treasurer-Tax CollectorOscar J. Garcia, CPA

Auditor-Controller/Treasurer-Tax Collector

Phone (559) 600-3496

Fax (559) 600-1444


Binu Brar

Deputy Treasurer-Tax Collector

Enedina Garcia 

Deputy Auditor-Controller



Tax Collector Mailing Address

Revenue Collections Mailing Address 

Department Mailing Address 

 Oscar J. Garcia, CPA
 Tax Collector
 P. O. Box 1192
Fresno, California 93715
 Oscar J. Garcia, CPA
Revenue Collections Unit
 P. O. Box 226
Fresno, California 93708 
 Oscar J. Garcia, CPA
Fresno County Auditor Controller
Treasurer-Tax Collector
P. O. Box 1247
Fresno, California 93715


Office Hours

Office Address

Monday through Friday

8 AM to 5 PM

Hall of Records, Room 105
2281 Tulare Street
Fresno, California 93721

Our Vision

The Fresno County Auditor-Controller/Treasurer-Tax Collector's office will be an innovative and respected leader in providing governmental accounting and financial services.

Our Mission

To promote public trust by providing exemplary accounting and financial services to our public, business, and governmental customers.


Parking in the downtown Fresno area can be difficult. Metered parking is available on Tulare as well as a limited number of free one-hour parking stalls next to the Hall of Records, Tulare and M Street. The City’s underground parking facility may be entered from west bound Tulare St., just east of Van Ness.


Division Phone FAX  EMAIL Contact 
Administration (559) 600-3496 (559) 600-1444  Jocelynn Cruz
General Accounting (559) 600-3609
(559) 600-1445   Kim Lamanuzzi
Accounts Payable (559) 600-3609  (559) 600-1445   Kim Lamanuzzi
Payroll (559) 600-3600  (559) 455-4636 Karen Saldana
Tax Collection (559) 600-3482 (559) 600-1449  Manjit Dhaliwal
Treasurer (559) 600-3487  (559) 600-1448  Frank Gomez
Revenue Collections (559) 600-3815  (559) 600-1451  Binu Brar
Special Accounting (559) 600-3491  (559) 600-1450 Ganna Monastyrsky
Financial Reporting & Audits (559) 600-3496  (559) 600-1447  

Megan Marks


The Auditor-Controller/Treasurer-Tax Collector's Office is proud to provide accounting services to the Zoo Authority Board in the administration of Measure Z Sales Tax dollars. The Financial Reporting & Audits Division prepares financial statements, processes requests for disbursement and works closely with the Zoo Authority Board to manage these funds. See for details.