Tax System Change

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Upgrading Technology in the Assessor's Office

The Fresno County Assessor is converting from its old mainframe system to a modern, cost effective system named Megabyte starting July 1, 2019. This new system will help streamline the property tax administration process that crosses between County departments and assist in maintaining accurate records for tax assessment.

Property owners will see these changes to their tax bills starting in the late summer of 2019.

Parcel Number Structure

Example of a parcel number in the new and old systems
Example of a parcel number in the new and old systems


In the old mainframe system, parcel numbers were nine digits and some also had a letter suffix. The new system has twelve digits with no letter.

  • First set of three digits will continue to be Book.
  • Second set of three digits will continue to be Page and Block.
  • Third set of three digits will be for the parcel.
    Historical parcels (prior to Megabyte) will have an additional “0” added as padding as the first digit. From the example above, parcel 78 will become parcel 078.
  • Last three digits are reserved for future use.


  • Replacing “APN” (Assessor’s Parcel Number) with “Assessment Number”
  • Using the term “Fee Parcel Number” to designate the land itself. As an example, a mobile home that is not on a permanent foundation will have an Assessment Number and the land it sits on a seperate Fee Parcel Number. The Fee Parcel Number relates to the parcel as shown on the parcel map. In most cases, these two numbers will be the same.