Welfare Property Tax Exemption

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The Welfare Exemption is available only to property, real or personal, owned by a religious, charitable, hospital, or scientific organization and used exclusively for religious, charitable, hospital, or scientific purposes.

An organization seeking the Welfare Exemption will file a claim for an Organizational Clearance Certificate with the State Board of Equalization. The Board then reviews the claim and will issue a certificate if the filer meets the requirements. The Assessor will not approve a property tax exemption claim until a valid Organizational Clearance Certificate has been issued. The owner and the operator must furnish additional information to the Assessor if requested.

To receive the full exemption, a claim must be filed each year on or before February 15th. A separate claim must be completed and filed for each property for which exemption is sought.

Form BOE-277, Claim for Organizational Clearance Certificate - Welfare Exemption, is available on the Board’s website.

The Board will determine whether an organization is eligible for the exemption and the Assessor will determine whether the use of the property is eligible. Contact us if you are unsure which forms your organization should file.