Homeowners' Property Tax Exemption

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If you own a home and occupy it as your principal place of residence on January 1, you may apply for a Homeowners' Exemption. If the completed form is filed and you qualify, it will reduce the assessed value by $7,000. The annual tax bill would then be reduced by approximately $70. New property owners will automatically be mailed an exemption application to the address noted on the Preliminary Change of Ownership Report. A Homeowners' Exemption may also apply to a supplemental assessment.

In order to qualify on a supplemental bill, you must occupy the home within 90 days of the completion of new construction or the change in ownership. You should also apply for this exemption within 30 days of receiving a Notice of Supplemental Assessment.

Ineligible properties include rentals, vacation or second homes. You must immediately notify the Assessor's Office if a property becomes ineligible for a Homeowner's Exemption after it has been granted an exemption. A home can become ineligible if the owner moves out, including to an extended care facility or rest home on a permanent basis.

Homeowners' Exemptions are not automatically transferred between properties. If you move, you must file an application for a new exemption. Contact us if you have questions or believe you may qualify for the Exemption.

Homestead Declaration

The Assessor's Office does not process Homestead Declarations. Homestead Declarations are legal forms filed with the Recorder that gives the property owner some protection against creditors. It is not the same as the Homeowners' Exemption. Seek qualified legal advice for information on Homestead Declarations.