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Real property is assigned a unique identification number called an Assessor Parcel Number (APN). The APN is used by the Assessor-Recorder, other County offices, and other businesses. The Assessed Value Lookup page will give you the APN if you only have an address. Understanding how parcel numbers are organized will help with finding parcels that do not have an address. View Parcel Maps with your APN.

Sometimes parcels and their APN change. Typical reasons for parcel and APN changes include combination with other parcels, division into smaller parcels, surveys, or re-numbering parcels to alleviate "overcrowding" on a map page or map book.

This office does not do field work such as surveying property lines or creating Records of Survey. Data on the maps comes from recorded documents such as plat maps, subdivision maps, deeds, and other documents. They are available through the Recorders Office. Property line disputes and fence issues cannot be resolved by the Assessor.

GIS Information

Fresno County GIS information and shapefiles are maintained by the Public Works and Planning Department. They also maintain links to some non-County GIS resources.