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March 5, 2019 Special Election

Post Date:12/04/2018 1:36 PM


Fresno County Board of Supervisors approves March 5, 2019 Special Election to fill vacant District 2 Supervisor seat


 FRESNO, CA – The Fresno County Board of Supervisors has approved a special election to commence on Tuesday, March 5, 2019, to fill the vacant District 2 Supervisor seat. The special election to fill the vacancy is anticipated to be consolidated with the City of Clovis municipal election. 

The term of office for the vacated position is 2019 to 2020.

Candidate filing requirements for the Board of Supervisors District 2 seat special election to be held on March 5, 2019 are as follows: 

  • Candidate filing is now open.
  • Candidate filing close date is December 12, 2018 at 5:00PM PST
  • Candidate filing fee is $1,200.25
  • Statement of Candidate Qualifications fee is $1,300.00
  • Candidates are required to provide 20 nomination signatures to file for this office

A person appointed or elected must be a qualified elector of the district in which the vacancy occurs, must have been a resident of the territory therein for at least thirty (30) days immediately preceding the appointment, or immediately preceding the date of filing nominating papers or equivalent declaration of candidacy for the election for which he is a candidate, and must reside therein during his incumbency.

More information on the election as well as candidate requirements are available online at

In addition to approving the special election date, the Board of Supervisors also approved the County Clerk/Registrar of Voters to conduct a runoff election on June 4, 2019 in the event that no candidate receives a majority (50% + 1) of all the votes cast in the March 5, 2019 special election as required in Section 8.5 of the Charter of the County of Fresno.

This vacancy in the Board of Supervisors occurred when District 2 Supervisor Andreas Borgeas resigned from office effective December 3, 2018 to take his place as a California State Senator.