Recorder Fee Schedule

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Copies of Vital Records

$25.00 Birth Certificate
$15.00 Marriage Certificate
$21.00 Death Certificate


Document Recording

$19.00 First page of each document.
$11.00 First page of any conveyance document that contains transfer tax and any concurrent documents recording with the conveyance document.
$3.00 Each additional page.
$1.00 Each page containing penalty print.
$19.00 Each additional title on multiple titled document.
$1.00 Each reference to a previously recorded document.
$1.00 Indexing of more than 10 names. Each group of 10 names or fraction thereof.
$17.00 Release of lien by a government agency.
$6.00 Lien notice fee for each name and address of debtors against whom an involuntary lien is recorded.
$3.00 Additional per page fee if a document contains one or more sheets which do not measure 8½" x 11".
$20.00 Additional fee for any document changing ownership if not accompanied by a Preliminary Change of Ownership Report.


Copies of Recorded Documents

$1.50 Each index page.
$1.50 Each 8½" x 11" first page.
$0.50 Each 8½" x 11" additional page (other than first page).
$4.00 Each first page larger than 8½" x 11".
$2.00 Each additional page larger than 8½" x 11" (other than first page).
$1.00 Certification under seal (additional fee per document).
No Fee Military Records


Map Filing

$8.00 First page of each map.
$2.00 Each additional page of map.
$4.00 Other filed documents.
$19.00 California Preliminary 20-Day Notice.