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  • Phone:
    (559) 600-1800
  • Fax:
    (559) 455-4788
  • Address:
    2220 Tulare Street, 14th Floor
    Fresno, CA 93721

Account Clerk I/II/III Unit 12
Account Clerk I/II/III - Confidential Unrepresented
Accountant I/II Unit 19
Accountant I/II - Confidential Unrepresented
Accountant Trainee Unrepresented
Accounting & Financial Division Chief Senior Management
Accounting & Financial Manager Senior Management
Administrative Analyst I/II/III Management
Administrative Assistant I/II/III Unit 12
Administrative Assistant I/II/III - Confidential Unrepresented
Admitting Interviewer I/II Unit 12
Agricultural Aide Unrepresented
Agricultural Business Manager Senior Management
Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer Department Head or Assistant CAO
Agricultural Field Aide Unrepresented
Agricultural Project Coordinator - Provisional Unrepresented
Agricultural/Standards Specialist Trainee/I/II/III  Unrepresented
Agricultural/Standards Investigator Unrepresented
Agricultural Technician Unrepresented
Agricultural Technician - Provisional Unrepresented
Air Conditioning Mechanic Unit 39
Appraiser I, Seasonal Unrepresented
Appraiser I/II/III Unit 19
Apprentice Mechanic Unit 39
Architect Management 
Architectural Assistant Unrepresented
Assessment Technician I/II/III Unrepresented
Assessment Services Chief Senior Management
Assessor-Recorder Elected Official
Assistant Assessor-Recorder Senior Management
Assistant Chief Probation Officer Senior Management
Assistant County Administrative Officer Department Head or Assistant CAO
Assistant County Counsel Senior Management
Assistant Director of Human Resources Senior Management
Assistant Director of Planning & Resources Senior Management
Assistant Director of Public Health Senior Management
Assistant District Attorney Senior Management
Assistant Public Defender Senior Management
Assistant Real Property Agent Unrepresented
Assistant Retirement Administrator Senior Management
Assistant Sheriff Senior Management
Associate County Libriarian Senior Management
Associate Real Property Agent Unrepresented
Auditor - Appraiser I/II/III Unit 19
Auditor-Controler/Treasurer-Tax Collector Elected Official
Automotive Mechanic Unit 39
Aviation Mechanic Unit 39
Behavioral Health Business Manager Senior Management
Board Member Assistant Unrepresented
Board of Supervisor, Chairman Elected Official
Board of Supervisor, Member Elected Official
Building Inspector I/II Unit 22
Building Maintenance Engineer Unit 39
Building Maintenance Specialist Unrepresented
Building Plans Checker I/II/III Unit 42
Building Plans Engineer Management
Cadastral Technician I/II/III Unit 22
Capital Projects Division Manager Senior Management
Chief Appraiser Senior Management
Chief Auditor-Appaiser Senior Management
Chief Building Inspector Management
Chief Child Psychiatrist Senior Management
Chief Child Support Attorney Senior Management
Chief Defense Attorney Senior Management
Chief Deputy County Counsel Senior Management
Chief Deputy District Attorney Senior Management
Chief Forensic Pathologist Senior Management
Chief Legal Assistant Management
Chief of Field Surveys Management
Chief of Investigations Senior Management
Chief of Security Senior Management
Chief Office Assistant Management
Chief Probation Officer Department Head of Assistant CAO
Child Psychiatrist Senior Management
Child Support Assistant Unit 02
Child Support Attorney I/II/III/IV Unit 30
Child Support Business Manager Senior Management
Child Support Officer I/II/III Unit 02
Child Support Services Program Manager Senior Management
Clerk to the Board of Supervisors Senior Management
Clinical Laboratory Technologist I/II/III  Unit 19
Clinical Supervisor Unit 36
Collections Representative I/II/III Unit 12
Collections Supervisor Unrepresented
Communicable Disease Specialist I/II Unit 12
Communications Dispatcher I/II/III Unit 01
Communications Dispatcher Specialist Unit 01
Community Development Manager Senior Management
Community Mental Health Specialist I/II Unit 12
Community Services Officer Unit 01
Compliance Officer Senior Management
Correctional Lieutenant Unit 35
Correctional Officer Trainee/I/II/III/IV Unit 02
Correctional Sergeant Unit 37
County Adminstrative Officer Department Head or Assistant CAO
County Budget Director Senior Management
County Clerk Elected Official
County Clerk Business Manager Senior Management
County Clerk Program Coordinator Management
County Clerk Program Manager Senior Management
County Counsel Department Head or Assistant CAO
County Health Officer Senior Management
County Librarian Department Head or Assistant CAO
Crafts Maintenance Trainee Unrepresented
Criminalist I/II Unit 01
Criminalist Specialist Unit 01
Defense Attorney I/II/III/IV Unit 31
Defense Investigator I/II Unit 22
Dentist Senior Management
Deputy Agricultural Commissioner Senior Management
Deputy Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer Senior Management
Deputy Auditor-Controller Senior Management
Deputy Clerk to the Board of Supervisors I/II/III Unrepresented
Deputy Coroner I/II Unit 01
Deputy County Administrative Officer Senior Management
Deputy County Counsel I/II/III/IV Management
Deputy Director of Behavioral Health Senior Management
Deputy Director of Child Support Services Senior Management
Deputy Director - Information Services Senior Management
Deputy Director - Internal Services Senior Management
Deputy Director of Public Works Senior Management
Deputy Director of Resources and Administration Senior Management
Deputy Director of Social Services Senior Management
Deputy District Attorney I/II/III/IV Unit 30
Deputy Probation Officer I/II/III/IV Unit 11
Deputy Public Administrator I/II Unit 22
Deputy Public Guardian I/II Unit 22
Deputy Sealer of Weights and Measures Senior Management
Deputy Sheriff Court Services/Recruit/II/III/IV Unit 01
Deputy Treasurer-Tax Collector Senior Management
Development Services Manager Senior Management
Dietary Aide I/II/III Unit 12
Director of Behavioral Health  Department Head or Assistant CAO
Director of Child Support Services  Department Head or Assistant CAO
Director of Human Resources Department Head or Assistant CAO
Director of Internal Services / Chief Information Officer Department Head or Assistant CAO
Director of Public Health Department Head or Assistant CAO
Director of Public Works & Planning Department Head or Assistant CAO
Director of Social Services Department Head or Assistant CAO
Disposal Site Attendant I/II Unit 13
Disposal Site Equipment Operator Trainee/I/II Unit 13
Disposal Site Lead Supervisor Unit 36
Disposal Site Supervisor Management
District Attorney - Public Administrator Elected Official
District Attorney Division Manager Senior Management
District Attorney Investigator I/II Unit 10
Diversity Services Coordinator Management
Division Manager - Emergency Medical Services Senior Management
Division Manager - Enviornmental Health Senior Management
Division Manager - Mental Health Senior Management
Division Manager - Public Health Services Senior Management
Driver Unit 12
Eligibility Worker I/II/III Unit 04
Emergency Medical Services Specialist Unrepresented
Engineer I/II/III Unit 42
Engineering Aide Unrepresented
Engineering Technician I/II Unit 25
Entomologist Unrepresented
Environmental Health Aide Unit 19
Environmental Health Specialist Trainee/I/II/III Unit 19
Epidemiologist Unrepresented
Equipment Service Assistant Unit 13
Estate Property Assistant Unit 12
Executive Assistant Management
Executive Assistant to the CAO Management
Executive Secretary to the CAO Unrepresented
Executive Secretary - Confidential Unrepresented
Facility Services Manager Senior Management
Field Survey Supervisor Unrepresented
Financial Analyst I/II/III Management
Fleet Services Manager Senior Management
Fleet Services Parts Specialist Unit 39
Fleet Services Supervisor Unrepresented
Floor Installer Unit 39
Forensic Autopsy Technician Unit 01
Forensic Pathologist Senior Management
Forensic Services Coordinator Management
Fuel Site Compliance Specialist Unrepresented
Graphic Arts Specialist Unit 13
Head Nurse Unit 36
Health Aide I/II Unit 12
Health Education Assistant Unit 12
Health Education Specialist Unit 22
Health Educator Unit 36
Heavy Duty Mechanic Unit 39
Housing Rehabilitation Specialist I/II Unit 22
Human Resources Analyst I/II/III Management
Human Resources Business Manager Senior Management
Human Resources Manager Senior Management
Human Resources Technician I/II/III - Confidential Unrepresented
Identification Technician I/II/III/IV Unit 01
Information Technology Analyst I/II/III/IV - Confidential Unrepresented
Information Technology Analyst I/II/III/IV Unit 43
Information Technology Analyst I/II/III/IV - Sheriff Unit 43
Information Technology Support Technician I/II/III Unit 43
Information & Referral Services Coordinator Unrepresented
Information Technology Division Manager Senior Management
Information Technology Manager Senior Management
Inmate Services Director Senior Management
Inmate Supplies Coordinator Unit 36
Internal Services Business Manager Senior Management
Internal Services Division Manager Senior Management
Investigative Technician Unit 02
Investment Officer Senior Management
Janitor Unit 12
Job Specialist I/II/III Unit 04
Junior Real Property Agent Unrepresented
Juvenile Correctional Officer I/II Unit 02
Laboratory Intern Unrepresented
Landfill Operations Manager Senior Management
Laundry Supervisor - Jail Unit 12
Legal Assistant I/II Unit 12
Legal Assistant I/II - Conf Unrepresented
Librarian Trainee/I/II/III Unit 22
Library Aide Unit 12
Library Assistant I/II Unit 22
Library Business Manager Senior Management
Library Development Program Coordinator Senior Management
Library Facilities Coordinator Management
Library Maintenance Supervisor Unrepresented
Library Program Manager Senior Management
Licensed Mental Health Clinician Unit 03
Licensed Psychologist Unit 03
Licensed Vocational Nurse I/II/III Unit 12
Literacy Coordinator Unrepresented
Locksmith Unit 39
Maintenance Carpenter Unit 39
Maintenance Electrician Unit 39
Maintenance Janitor Unit 12
Maintenance Painter Unit 39
Maintenance Plumber Unit 39
Maintenance Services Supervisor Unit 36
Managed Care Coordinator Senior Management
Master Automotive Mechanic Unit 36
Master Heavy Duty Mechanic Unit 36
Medical Assistant I/II Unit 22
Medical Records Coordinator Unrepresented
Medical Social Worker I/II/III Unit 03
Mental Health Nurse I/II Unit 07
Mental Health Worker I/II Unit 12
Mental Health Services Act Education & Training Coordinator Management
Mental Health Services Act Financial Analyst Senior Management
Mobile Intensive Care Training Instructor Unrepresented
Multimedia Technician I/II Unit 13
Network Systems Engineer I/II/III/IV Unit 43
Nurse Practitioner Unit 07
Occupational Therapist I/II/III Unit 12
Offender Programs Manager Senior Management
Office Assistant I/II/III Unit 12
Office Assistant I/II/III - Confidential Unrepresented
Paralegal I/II/III Unrepresented
Parent Partner I/II Unrepresented
Parks Groundskeeper I/II/III Unit 13
Parks Maintenance Worker Unit 13
Parks Services Supervisor Unrepresented
Payroll Technician I/II - Confidential Unrepresented
Peer Support Specialist I/II Unit 12
Physical Therapist I/II/III Unit 12
Planner I/II/III Unit 22
Principal Accountant Senior Management
Principal Administrative Analyst Senior Management
Principal Deputy County Counsel Senior Management
Principal Human Resources Analyst Senior Management
Principal Libriarian Senior Management
Principal Planner Management
Principal Staff Analyst Senior Management
Probation Administrative Division Director Senior Management
Probation Division Director Senior Management
Probation Technician I/II Unit 02
Process Server Unit 02
Professional Aide Unrepresented
Professional Aide - Confidential Unrepresented
Program Technician I/II Unit 02
Program Technician I/II - Confidential Unrepresented
Property Recording Clerk Unit 12
Provider Relations Specialist Unit 12
Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Unit 07
Psychiatric Technician I/II/III Unit 12
Psychiatrist Senior Management
Public Defender Department Head or Assistant CAO
Public Guardian Manager Senior Management
Public Health Business Manager Senior Management
Public Health Chemist I/II Unit 19
Public Health Laboratory Assistant I/II Unit 22
Public Health Microbiologist I/II Unit 19
Public Health Nurse I/II Unit 07
Public Health Physician Senior Management
Public Health Program Manager  Senior Management
Public Information Officer Senior Management
Public Works and Planning Busn Manager Senior Management
Public Works Division Engineer Senior Management
Purchasing Analyst I/II/III Management
Purchasing Manager Senior Management
Purchasing Technician I/II Unrepresented
Quality Assurance/Appeals Specialist Unrepresented
Quality Improvement Coordinator  Management
Rangemaster Unit 01
Recording Manager Senior Management
Rehabilitative Therapy Manager Senior Management
Retirement Administrator Department Head or Assistant CAO
Retirement Benefits Manager Senior Management
Retirement Specialist I/II/III Unit 22
Road Equipment Operator Trainee/I/II Unit 13
Road Maintenance Supervisor Management
Road Operations Lead Supervisor Unit 36
Road Superintendent Management
San Joaquin Valley Library Systems Admin Senior Management 
Security Officer I/II Unit 02
Senior Accountant Unit 19
Senior Accountant - Confidential Unrepresented
Senior Administrative Analyst Senior Management
Senior Admitting Interviewer Unit 36
Senior Appraiser Unit 36
Senior Auditor - Appraiser Unit 36
Senior Board Member Assistant Unrepresented
Senior Child Support Attorney Unit 30
Senior Child Support Officer Unit 02
Senior Defense Attorney Unit 31
Senior Defense Investigator Unit 36
Senior Deputy Clerk to the Board of Supervisors Unrepresented
Senior Deputy Coroner Senior Management
Senior Deputy County Counsel Senior Management
Senior Deputy District Attorney Unit 30
Senior District Attorney Investigator Unit 10
Senior Emergency Medical Services Specialist Unrepresented
Senior Engineer Management
Senior Engineering Technician Unit 25
Senior Epidemiologist Unrepresented
Senior Geologist Management
Senior Human Resources Analyst Senior Management
Senior Identification Technician Unrepresented
Senior Information Technology Analyst Unit 43
Senior Information Technology Analyst - Confidential Unrepresented
Senior Information Technology Analyst-Sheriff Unit 43
Senior Information Technology Support Technician Unit 43
Senior Janitor Unit 12
Senior Juvenile Correctional Officer Unit 02
Senior Legal Assistant Unit 12
Senior Library Assistant Unit 12
Senior Legal Assistant - Confidential Unrepresented
Senior Licensed Mental Health Clinician Unit 03
Senior Licensed Psychologist Unit 03
Senior Maintenance Janitor Unit 12
Senior Network Systems Engineer Unit 43
Senior Planner Management
Senior Public Health Chemist Unrepresented
Senior Public Health Microbiologist Unrepresented
Senior Security Officer Unrepresented
Senior Staff Analyst Senior management
Senior Substance Abust Specialist Unit 36
Senior System & Procedures Analyst Management
Senior Tree Trimmer Unrepresented
Senior Victim-Witness Advocate Unrepresented
Senior Welder Unit 36
Sheriff - Coroner Elected Official
Sheriff's Administrative Services Director Senior Management
Sheriff's Business Manager Senior Management
Sheriff's Captain Unit 38
Sheriff's Lieutenant Unit 35
Sheriff's Public Information Officer Management
Sheriff's Sergeant Unit 14
Social Services Appeals Specialist Unit 04
Social Services Finance Division Chief Senior Management
Social Services Finance Manager Senior Management
Social Services Program Manager Senior Management
Social Services Program Supervisor Unit 36
Social Work Practitioner Unit 03
Social Work Supervisor Unit 36
Social Worker Aide I/II Unit 04
Social Worker I/II/III Unit 03
Special Properties Appraiser Unrepresented
Staff Analyst I/II/III Management
Staff Nurse I/II/III Unit 07
Stock Clerk I/II Unit 13
Substance Abust Specialist I/II Unit 04
Supervising Account Clerk I - Confidential Unrepresented
Supervising Account Clerk I/II Unit 36
Supervising Accountant Unrepresented
Supervising Agricultural/Standards Specialist Unrepresented
Supervising Assessment Technician Unrepresented
Supervising Building Inspector Unrepresented
Supervising Cadastral Technician Unit 36
Supervising Child Support Officer Unit 36
Supervising Communicable Disease Specialist Unit 36
Supervising Communications Dispatcher Unrepresented
Supervising District Attorney Investigator Unrepresented
Supervising Disposal Site Attendant Unit 36
Supervising Engineer Management
Supervising Environmental Hlth Specialist Unit 36
Supervising Human Resources Technician - Confidential Unrepresented
Supervising Janitor Unit 36
Supervising Juvenile Correctional Officer Unit 36
Supervising Legal Assistant Unit 36
Supervising Librarian Unit 36
Supervising Library Assistant Unit 36
Supervising Multimedia Technician Unrepresented
Supervising Office Assistant Unit 36
Supervising Process Server Unrepresented
Supervising Program Technician Unrepresented
Supervising Program Technician - Confidential Unrepresented
Supervising Public Health Nurse Unit 36
Supervising Recorder Management
Supervising Retirement Specialist Unrepresented
Supervising Security Officer Unrepresented
Supervising Stock Clerk Unit 36
Supervising Water/Wastewater Specialist Management
Systems & Procedures Analyst I/II/III Management
Systems & Procedures Manager Senior Management
Tax Collections Supervisor Unrepresented
Telecommunication Services Assistant I/II Unrepresented
Telecommunications Systems Manager Senior Management
Telecommunications Technician Unit 39
Therapy Aide Unit 12
Traffic Equipment Operator Trainee/I/II Unit 13
Trraffic Maintenance Supervisor Management
Traffic Operations Lead Supervisor Unit 36
Tree Trimmer I/II Unit 13
Undersheriff Senior Management
Unlicensed Mental Health Clinician Unit 03
Unlicensed Psychologist Unit 03
Utilization Review Specialist Unit 03
Veterans' Serivces Officer Senior Management
Veterans' Serivces Representative I/II Unrepresented
Victim-Witness Advocate Unrepresented
Volunteer Services Coordinator Unrepresented
Washer Unit 12
Water & Natural Resources Manager Senior Management
Water/Wastwater Specialist I/II/III Unrepresented
Water/Wastewater Technician Unrepresented
Welder Unit 39

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