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 Request For ProposalsJJC Building

Below are links to various Requests For Proposals (RFPs) for Architectural and other Consultant services.
In order to keep you informed of any changes or revisions to the RFP, please email the assigned staff person all of the following information:
Proposal Name(s) 
Firm Name 
Contact information including:  Address, Phone, FAX, and E-Mail 

Failure to provide this information absolves the County of Fresno from any and all obligations.

To be added to our Consultant Database for Design Projects, please fill out and return this form:  Consultant Notification Form to 

General Information Policy for Selection and Compensation of Architectural / Engineering Consultants
County of Fresno Ordinance, Chapter 4.10, Selection of Architects, Engineers, and Other Professionals
Amendment to Policy for Selection and Compensation of Architectural/Engineering Consultants to Provide an Appeal Process

 Travers Creek Bridge Replacement Project - Real Property Services RFP Q and A



  Bridge Preventative Maintenance Program (BPMP) - Scour Mitigation (On Call Real Property Consultants Only)
   Parcel Maps        Litigation Guarantees 

Testing Services for CSA 44D Wastewater Treatment Facility

 Arroyo Pasajero Bridge Replacement
Request For Proposals                Geotechnical Memo              
Bridge Inspection Report                Design Hydraulic Study
Clarification Questions and Answers

2017 RFQ for On-Call Engineering Consultant Services
Request for Qualifications
 Sample Agreement 
 Requests for Clarification 

Request for Qualifications for On-Call Consultants - Landfill Projects
Please note that SOQs will be due by 2:00PM on Wednesday, November 30. Thank you.
 Request for Qualifications  
    Conflict of Interest Code
 Sample Agreement

Public Facilities Impact Fees Study Update   
Addendum #1 Public Facilities Impact Fees Study Update  
Request for Proposal  
Attachment A Sample Agreement  
Attachment B Self Dealing Transaction Form  
Attachment C Timeline

American Avenue Disposal Site Clean Closure Phase I
Request For Proposal (including Exhibits A-F) 
Exhibit G - Sample Consultant Services Agreement

Mandatory Site Visit Sign In Sheet  
Questions & Answers  

 Construction Quality Assurance Services for American Avenue Disposal Site, Phase III Modules 7 & 8
Request For Proposal (including Exhibits A-H)  
Sample Agreement - Exhibit F - AADS Phase III Modules 7 & 8
RFP Clarification Questions & Answers