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The In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) program arranges for and helps pay for services to enable elderly, blind or disabled persons to live safely and independently in their own homes. The Fresno County IHSS program is considered an alternative to out-of-home care, such as nursing homes or board and care facilities. The types of services that can be authorized through IHSS are chores and related services (such as housecleaning, meal preparation, laundry and grocery shopping), and personal care services (such as bowel and bladder care, bathing and paramedical services). Recipients of IHSS must receive supplemental Security Income (SSI) or meet other income eligibility requirements.  To apply for services, please visit the IHSS office in-person or call us at (559) 600-5749.

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In 2016, the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) started an ambitious effort to leverage modern technology to better serve IHSS recipients and providers.  Utilizing input from stakeholder meetings with recipients, providers, advocacy groups, and unions, CDSS started the ball rolling to develop and implement a way for IHSS providers to submit their twice monthly timesheets electronically and to access information about their timesheets and payments via the Internet.  The timeline was aggressive and on July 5th, the pilot counties of Sacramento, Yolo and Riverside, led the trial run for the Electronic Timesheet System (ETS), and within the first month 12% of recipients and providers had opted to use the service, which effectively cuts out the wait time on the US Postal Service for sending in timesheets and sending out payments.  Coupled with Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), or better known at Direct Deposit, payment can be received in as little as 3-5 days, rather than 7-10 days the old way.  CDSS has determined a monthly schedule for the ETS statewide deployment of selected counties, known as waves, and Fresno will start implementation on September 11, 2017, as part of the second wave. 

The website services, as well as electronic timesheets, will be accessible to recipients and providers that have smart phones, tablets, laptops or computers, Internet access (WiFi) and a valid email address.  Besides earlier processing and payment, some of the other benefits of ETS include reduction of the most common reasons why timesheets are unable to be paid or require a replacement, including missing signatures, unreadable entries on the timesheet and missing/delayed mail.  Additionally, the ETS has warnings built in to alert the provider if there are no hours left to pay or if the hours as submitted will cause a violation of overtime rules.  At this time, travel claims are not part of the ETS.  CDSS also decided to expand the Telephonic Timesheet System (TTS) that was initially made accessible to IHSS recipients that identify as blind or visually impaired, and offers this option to approve timesheets via the telephone. 

Recipients and providers are urged to utilize the ETS or TTS, but can continue with paper timesheets.  Either way, providers will still be able to register in ETS to check on the status of their payments and view past payment history for up to 3 months.  The ETS will have "real-time" up-to-date information, versus Fresno County's "My IHSS" service via web and phone which is restricted to information that is 24-48 hours behind.  For this reason, users of "My IHSS" will be referred to the new ETS website when it becomes available in September.

As the Fresno County "go-live" date quickly approaches, recipients and providers will receive informational notices in the mail and have the ability to watch short videos on the CDSS website or YouTube to learn more.  CDSS will also host webinars (conferences via the Internet) for recipients, providers and county staff to help everyone involved.  It's important to note that rather than calling the county for assistance in using the ETS, there is a special IHSS ETS Help Desk Support team that will provide assistance for connectivity issues, problems with registration, password resets and navigating the ETS.

To learn more today, visit the CDSS website and watch the videos on ETS and be on the lookout for information in the mail.  The first day that the ETS will be available to Fresno County recipients and providers will be September 11, 2017.    

CDSS Electronic Timesheet Announcement Website  (scroll down to see the links to the videos about ETS)
Electronic Timesheet Overview for Providers Handout
Electronic Timesheet Overview for Recipients Handout
Electronic Timesheet Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Handout
 Updates about My IHSS

Starting on September 11, 2017, providers and recipients will be able to access a new system to get timesheet and payment status information!  The new website, sponsored by the State, will be accessible by smartphone, tablet, laptop or computers, as long as you have internet access and your own email address (providers & recipients cannot use the same email address). 

 The best feature about this new website is that timesheet and payment status will be in "real time", as up-to-date as possible.  (Fresno County's "My IHSS" was restricted to information that was generally two days old.)  As an added bonus, if a recipient choses to approve timesheets through this new system, called the Electronic Timesheet System, providers can fill out their timesheets online, cutting out the time it takes for mail delivery to the Timesheet Processing Facility in Chico!  The system will also prevent common mistakes that might delay payment or lead to a violation.  Once the recipient approves the timesheet online, it's automatically put in line for processing the next business day.  Providers using Direct Deposit will receive their payments even faster, not having to wait on the US Postal Service for delivery. 

To learn more about the Electronic Timesheet System (aka ETS) visit the CDSS Electronic Timesheet Announcement Website.  There are videos for providers and recipients to watch, and dates and times for Webinars (live walk-throughs of the ETS).  You also will be receiving notices from the State at the end of August.  Fresno County providers and recipients will be able to begin registering with the new ETS on September 11, 2017.

 With these new and improved services from the State, Fresno County's "My IHSS" will go off-line in September 2017.  Thank you for choosing to support "My IHSS" over this past year!

Updates about the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Implementation at IHSS

As of July 2016, all timesheets submitted by IHSS providers are now being evaluated for possible violations.  At this time, the IHSS Violations Team is calling and counseling providers when they submit timesheets that receive a violation to help them understand the new rules.  Top errors include:

  • Claiming more than 66 hours in a workweek when working for more than one IHSS recipient. 
  • Claiming more than 7 hours of travel time in a workweek (the maximum is 7 hours between all recipients - not for each recipient)
  • Claiming more hours than the recipient's maximum authorized weekly hours which creates unauthorized overtime or more overtime than already authorized.

When a provider gets a violation, they (and the recipients they work for) will receive a Violation Notice in the mail.  In addition, the provider will also receive a County Dispute Review request form that they can fill out and return within 10 calendar days of receiving the violation. At the 3rd & 4th violation levels, the provider can also request a State Administrative Review (not the same has a Fair Hearing) to be conducted by the California Department of Social Services (CDSS), when they do not agree with the County Dispute Review outcome.

When a provider receives a 2nd violation for the first time, they will have the opportunity to complete a Self-Training packet and certification form within 21 calendar days of receiving the 2nd violation.  When it is returned timely, the 2nd violation will be removed.  If another 2nd violation happens at a later time, the provider will not be able to do the self-training again, but will always have the ability to dispute the violation. 

If you are still unsure about the new rules:

  • Watch the 2016 FLSA Videos from CDSS  (English, Spanish, Chinese)
  • Attend a Timesheet Clinic (see below)
  • Please give us call at the Provider and Recipient Call Center at (559) 600-5749 



Violation List









  Dont Lose Out

 Violation Remember  

Timesheet Clinic Help Sign
 Feeling confused about all the new overtime rules and not sure how to complete your timesheet or travel claim form?  Not sure if you filled out the SOC 2255 or SOC 2256 correctly?  Come to the Timesheet Clinic for one-on-one assistance.  Public Authority and IHSS program staff will be available in the Kaweah Room on the first floor of the Senior Resource Center, 2025 E. Dakota Ave during the dates and times listed on the schedules.  See you there!  Click to get a copy of the 2016 schedule in English or Spanish for sessions in Fresno.  Good News!  Timesheet Clinics will continue in 2017!  Get your copy of the 2017 schedule here:  English or Spanish.   
Looking for a Form? 
There are a lot of new forms and notices associated with FLSA, click here for some of the most common.

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With all the changes and new rules in the IHSS program, we don't want to lose touch with you or your providers.  Fill out a Change of Address or Telephone Form and mail it to the IHSS office.  

If you are a CA registered voter, update your Voter Registration information!


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