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Last Updated by Patrick Barnett
  Salmonella: Infections Associated With Live Poultry
CDC and USDA released new educational materials on humanSalmonella infections associated with live poultry (chicks, chickens, ducklings, ducks, geese, turkeys).  Attached are the print versions of the flyer, available in English and Spanish. Also, a web-friendly flyer will be permanently located at the following website so other organizations can link to it online: A link to the Spanish flyer is forthcoming.
The creation of these materials was done in collaboration with the mail-order hatchery industry, consumers, state and local health departments, state departments of agriculture, CDC, USDA-APHIS-VS, and USDA NPIP. Thanks to everyone who contributed!
We are asking for your help to further distribute this flyer to convey the important prevention messages, especially while we are in peak chick and duckling season. This flyer is being shared with mail order hatcheries, and several of these hatcheries plan to include the flyer with all of their live bird shipments. We also ask that these flyers be distributed to agricultural feed stores in your states.
Please help us spread the word about this new flyer to any individuals, groups, or organizations involved with raising and caring for live poultry.


CDC USDA Salmonella Flyer (English)

CDC USDA Salmonella Flyer (Spanish)