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  West Nile Virus
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West Nile Virus (WNV) is one of a group of disease-causing viruses that are spread by mosquitoes. Mosquitoes become infected with WNV when they feed on birds which carry the virus. The virus can then be transmitted to humans and other animals through the bite of an infected mosquito. Most people infected with WNV do not feel ill but some will experience mild flu-like symptoms. A smaller percentage of individuals develop serious complications. Hospitalization and even death can result from WNV infection.

Helpful hints to reduce the risk of West Nile Virus, click here.  

  West Nile Virus Information

WNV Activity in Fresno County Reports

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Here is a colorful slide presentation prepared by one of our Epidemiologists. This PowerPoint style presentation can help answer many questions regarding West Nile Virus. Click here to see the presentation  

For more information about WNV or to report dead birds, visit the California Department of Public Health website at
or call 1-877-WNV-BIRD.

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