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The California Children’s Services (CCS) program is a statewide program that pays for treatment, equipment, and rehabilitation services to qualified clients up to the age of 21. The program also provides case management, medical evaluation, and information about community resources.

Anyone can refer a client to CCS, including family members, physicians, hospitals, social/ medical agencies and nurses. Most children are referred by their family doctor or specialist who will supply important medical information necessary in determining CCS medical eligibility.

 Eligibility Requirements
All 4 requirements below must be met in order to qualify for CCS benefits:
  1. Be under the age of 21
  2. Have a CCS eligible medical condition
  3. Is a current resident of Fresno County
  4. Have a family income less than $40,000 a year (State Adjusted Gross income) or a year’s worth of out-of-pocket expenses expected to exceed 20% of income for the eligible child.

Income is not a factor if a child: ccsmainapp.PNG  

  1. Needs diagnostic services to confirm a CCS medical condition
  2. Was adopted with a known CCS medical condition
  3. Is applying only for services through the Medical Therapy Program
  4. Has Medi-Cal full scope with no share of cost

 To apply, please follow the instructions below to complete the application


CCS Application and Instructions (English)  

CCS Aplicación y Instrucciones (Español)