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Food Safety Certification


 CalCodedefault-Conference-8.gifSection 113716 requires food facilities in California to have an owner, manager or employee successfully pass an approved and accredited food safety certification examination within 60 days of commencing operation, changing ownership, or no longer having a certified person pursuant to this section.

Food facilities handling or serving any type of unpackaged foods (including ice and snack foods) are subject to this law. This includes restaurants, bars, cafeterias, bakeries, most markets, commissaries, and mobile food preparation units (MFPU).

The responsibilities of the certified owner or employee shall include the safety of food preparation and service, including ensuring that all employees of the food facility who handle or have responsibility for handling unpackaged foods of any kind, have sufficient knowledge to ensure the safe preparation or service of the food, or both.

The food safety certificate issued shall be kept on file at the facility. Certificates are valid for a period of five (5) years from the date of issuance. Certified individuals must retake the approved and accredited examination every five (5) years.

The law does not require specific training for the examindefault-Certificate-13.gifation, but such training is of benefit and will help in passing the test. It should be noted that the Fresno County Department of Community Health's current Food Handler Training class and examination does not meet the AB 1978 certification requirement, however, is still recommended for general food handling education. If you have additional questions, please contact the Consumer Food Program at (559) 600-3357.

updated.png List of classes serving the Fresno County area
State DHS information on Food Safety Certification