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    (559) 600-9180
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    (559) 600-7674
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    4441 East Kings Canyon
    Fresno, CA 93702
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  • Urgent Care Wellness Center:
    (559) 600-9171
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    Dial 711 to reach California Relay Service


 Boat with M.S.

 The Department of Behavioral Health provides mental health and substance abuse services to adults within the County of Fresno. The programs within our department focus on delivering the highest quality of service. There are over 300 professionals and staff dedicated to providing services in both metropolitan and rural areas. The diversity of our staff has helped us create a department that is sensitive to cultural differences and attempts to bridge the language barriers with our consumers. 

The Department of Behavioral Health is divided into several divisions, specializing in different services.


Case Management Teams provide comprehensive, culturally & linguistically  appropriate outpatient and community-based specialty mental health services to transition age youth, adults age 18 and older,  & older adults age 60 and older that meet medical necessity.  Services include assessments, clinical and rehabilitative services, case management, peer support and medication services within a wellness and recovery model.

These programs are open 24 hours, seven days per week to Fresno County residents needing crisis mental health services, including crisis assessment, stabilization and inpatient services.

Provides administrative oversight to all Fresno County activities to include community support and services, workforce education and training, prevention & early intervention, capital facilities, housing, and innovation.

Plan, develop and administer county-wide integrated substance use disorder prevention and treatment services.  Provide management of the Employment Services Program for CalWorks recipients.

Managed Care oversees the mental health services for Fresno County's Medi-Cal beneficiaries who receive services from private providers. Managed Care has contracts with about 142 private providers in Fresno County for mental health services for both youth and adult consumers.

The Compliance Office develops and implements policies, procedures, and practices to assist in the policies set forth by the federal/state Medi-Cal and Medicare regulations. The responsibilities of this office include analysis of departments’ risk, oversight and monitoring of internal and external audits and investigations related to compliance, coordinating compliance training and education, investigating and resolving compliance issues and promoting an awareness and understanding of the positive ethical and moral practices consistent with the mission and values of the County Department of Behavioral Health and those required by all applicable laws, regulations, rules or guidelines.

The Public Guardian exists to protect and care for those in our community who are unable to care for themselves or manage their finances and have no one else to assist them. The Public Guardian’s Office conducts official investigations into the need for conservatorship for adults in Fresno County and if no viable alternatives to a public conservatorship exist files petitions with the court asking to be appointed as conservator. If the Superior Court determines a conservatorship needs to be established, the Public Guardian is appointed as conservator of either the person, estate, or both. The Public Guardian then makes decisions regarding care while attempting to preserve the autonomy, dignity and independence of the individual placed on conservatorship.

If you believe someone you know requires the appointment of the Public Guardian or if you have further questions, please refer to our division webpage for more information.


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