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Welcome to the Fresno County Assessor website


Fresno County Assessor, Paul Dictos was born in the shadow of Mount Olympus, the seat of the mythical Greek Gods.

"I am proud to say that I speak the language spoken by Homer thousands of years ago," said the Assessor.

I hope you find it a useful resource for practical information about property values and the assessment process. Be sure to review sections involving Propositions and Tax Exemptions which may save you money.

Important Information

Press Release - Fresno County Assessor Selected to Receive State Grant

Appeal your Assessed Value by November 30th

Installing a Solar Power System may not affect your property taxes

What is a 'Supplemental Tax Bill'?

How to read a Parcel Number (APN)

APN and Real Property Value Lookup

Understanding California Property Tax

Paul Dictos
Paul Dictos, CPA
Assessor - Recorder

"Valuing People and Property"

The Assessor's job is to be fair, not to raise revenue.

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