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County Property Loss

In the event of a loss of County property, please consult Management Directives 1051 to 1057. This will help clarify what types of claims are covered under the Property Program, and what information will be needed by Risk Management in handling the claim. Risk Management can assist in determining whether a particular claim will be covered or not.

A full and accurate narrative description of the property loss must be submitted to Risk Management, including:

  • Cause of loss
  • Extent of loss
  • Remediation for loss
  • Possible preventive measures
  • Police report
  • Itemized invoices from vendors to verify cost
  • Receipts verifying replacement of loss, if applicable
  • Completed Property Loss Form (PSD RM-400)

Damage to County buildings of $1,000 or less, and/or to property having a replacement cost of $500 or less, do not meet the requirements for covered property (MD 1052).

For a loss estimated to be $25,000 or higher, please notify Risk Management immediately with the established amount and all details regarding the loss, as indicated above.

Claims received after the 90 day filing deadline will be denied.

Please contact Risk Management at 600-1850 with any questions about this process.