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Campaign Finance Information

To view campaign reports filed on behalf of office holders, candidates, committees to support or oppose candidates, and ballot measures; select the appropriate link below. Forms posted to the internet may have some information redacted.

Note: Unredacted paper copies of original reports and terminated committees are not posted to the internet. To view or obtain copies of these reports, please contact our office during regular business hours.

For information regarding the Political Reform Act of 1974, filing requirements, and filing due dates, visit the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) at

Local Filers - County offices, county measures, special districts, and school districts, located or campaigning within the County of Fresno - search for campaign finance reports here Campaign Docs.

Campaign Filers - Electronically file your contributions and expenditures. ecampaign

State Filers - File with the Secretary of State Cal Access

Federal Filers - File with the Federal Elections Commission

City Filers - File with your City Clerk.

Fresno County Ordinance on Election Campaign Contributions

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